PSP2 specifications prediction

PSP2 is not yet announced and there’s not much known about it, but why not be oracles for a few minutes? So here’s the list of predictable specifications.

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Raendom3733d ago

I dunno if it's going to be announced next week. No leaks AT ALL?! Even the biggest of the big have their things leaked a week before it's announced.

Pedantic913733d ago

Maybe Sony finally managed to keep it in this time, maybe they'll really suprise us this time.

Fred-G-Sanford3733d ago

I just bought a regular PSP, so I won't be buying a PSP2 for like 3 or 4 years.

I like to wait until handhelds are dirt cheap and have a huge library of games before I buy them.

trancefreak3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

he says power vr core! I thought they would go cell to be compatible with the ps3 but I dunno.

Also the ps3 released a year after the og psp so maybe that spells something too.

Close_Second3733d ago


I've had a PSP for the last 4 years and picked up a Go last year. I'm afraid you'll have to get use to no new significant functionality through firmware updates. There has not been any in over a year now!

zeeshan3733d ago

PSP2 rumors are heating up so something is defenitely on it's way but the thing is that this is the first time I am actually excited about a Nintendo device! To me, Nintendo consoles are a big no no because they mostly have kiddy games (except of course SNES) (even then I had Sega Genesis) but Nintendo 3DS is looking to be freakin' brilliant! Heck, I might get it only for taking 3D Pictures!!!

Dramscus3732d ago

I'm pretty sure it'll have mini blurays that hold more than 7.5. Try 20 or so at least. They could do triple layer and push it to fifty like the ps3. They have full size ones in labs that can hold nearly a terabyte.
I also highly expect 3D from the psp2.

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xAlmostPro3733d ago

pretty bad prediction.. i mean.. mini blu ray? i doubt it lol

pain777pas3732d ago

I think they will announce the system this week. I want major news though. Software and specs. Price range would be nice too. If the system is $250 aswell and SSF4 will be on it aswell with online play I will take a second to think whether I can wait on my 3DS purchase. They will have a direct port of SSF4 for sure if the supposed PS3 power is to be believed. RR will be their, Wipeout I hope is there. Amazing PSP series. A new modnation racers would be wise and I think that the PSP may be where that game thrives like MM powered up. I will be getting both but if the PSP2 minus 3d has the games that I want to play under $300 with more horsepower, I have a dillema.

Stealth20k3733d ago

First of all carts were already confirmed

Masterchef20073733d ago

I am pretty sure that they are gonna go with this



That's flippin old new compared to Samsung's Super AMOLED plus screen technology which they've just announced, and some of their upcoming products will use it. Why isn't Sony pushing OLED technology? LG and Samsung are doing all sorts of things with it whereas Sony aren't.

I hope the PSP2 uses a HD Super AMOLED screen, I have no doubt that it'll will indeed come with Guerilla Glass because Sony's recently announce 3D TV's will come equipped with it.

Masterchef20073733d ago

yeah i have the Walkman X which uses an OLED screen and i am in love with it. Sony should use OLED with the PSP2 cause it will help improve batterylife plus the screen looks way better than LCD. I cant wait till sony comes out with big screen OLED TVs at an affordable price that would completly own.

Laeto2563733d ago

there wont be a mini-bluray. Pricing will be 250 MAX im betting 200 they want to kill Nintendo screen is debatable no one knows if it's OLED or a HD format.

Laeto2563733d ago

graphics will be comparable to PS3 due to the smaller screen factor.

Rybnik3733d ago

OLED is a screen technology, HD is a screen resolution...not the same thing.


You're right, a lot of people get mixed up with that.

Laeto2563733d ago

sry i meant a standard HD resolution meaning 800x640 (right?) I'm all for OLED that would be awesome

Masterchef20073733d ago

theres a lot of mystery surrounding nintendos screen. But i dont think its an OLED one though. Maybe its HD cause it seems sharper than the DS one.

Agheil3733d ago

All I know is if they get uncharted in full hd glory on the go I'm sold

Muitnorts3733d ago

This. I can only hope there isn't an Uncharted game at launch... I have enough stuff to buy this year.

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