Modern Warfare 3 Has To Step It Up, Or Does It?

The Call of Duty series will be living on again this year through Modern Warfare 3, so it seems. But what will it deliver? With the increase in significant competition this year, will it live up to the bar that is raised? Or will it simply reiterate the same formula and crash and burn?

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FrankMcSpank3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

No it doesn't. Black Ops scored worse and took more heat from many journalists and gamers but the game still is the best selling COD to date. MW3 will sell millions. What is a shame, is they could of just had a couple more levels in MW2 and finished the story.

If they want to even attempt to make me interested they better start with a new engine.

Well it is coming out in Nov anyway, why would anyone buy it. Gears of War 3, Uncharted 3, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Mass Effect 3. To buy COD is a slap in the face to the industry when 4 AAA come out within the same month.

hennessey863731d ago

if they dont sort out the multiplayer i aint buying it, the amount of aaa fps this year means they will have to step it up or they will flop big time.

Inside_out3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I love the COD franchise and can't wait to see how this turned out. MW2 still is one of the best looking and playing games this gen. What other FPS is running 60 will be if it's not delayed again.

I didn't care for the single player in Black ops but everything else was top notch and the game is still maps Feb 1, if you have a 360 version.

It's too bad about the PS3 and PC versions but I buy all multi-plats on 360...learned that lesson a long time

MW2...still play it and Black ops all the time...

Pixel_Enemy3731d ago

Yeah, I am not buying it unless they make some major changes. I refuse to buy the same game for the 5th time in a row.

karl3731d ago

to me its not about how good the game is anymore..

seriously guys.. they have fucked with us too many times...

to me.. it doesnt matter how good it is.. i wont support Activision .. i hope they fucking burn

HolyOrangeCows3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Oh please, if they stuff a literal turd in a box and call it "CALL OF DUTY: Modern Warfare 3", it will still outsell the previous installment in the franchise.

The sheeple demand MOAR!

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DA_SHREDDER3731d ago

I dont know, I think the series is never gonna grow to its potential until they add dedicated servers, amongst other things as well.

bumnut3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

It already had them on pc, but activision screwed pc users over and limited them to 18 players instead of the usual 50+, then they removed mod support and expected us to pay more for the game!

Downtown boogey3731d ago

What the..?
"Full potential"?
It's still the same game, dedicated servers or not.

Active Reload3731d ago

I agree!

Why would anyone buy another COD game seeing what Gears 3 is shaping up to be? Lol,I'm just kidding around COD fans...sorta. =P

LionheartAce3731d ago

They don't have to do a damn thing. For all the complaining I keep seeing about all of the CoD, I don't see anyone not buying it.

All it needs to do is have CoD at the beginning and that seems to be enough. Thanks for wearing out a franchise for me Activision. I'm glad I didn't pay a dime for Black Ops. Maybe I'll just rent this time. I think I've learned my lesson.

Downtown boogey3731d ago

So many hypocrites around here. Everyone's complaining about CoD yet they never learn not to buy it.

Ducky3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

It simply has to out-do the competition, which means it has to offer something better than most of the other FPS games being released this year. A tough task.

It's been selling well in the past since it hasn't had any real competitor for the genre. In 2010, EA finally started to take notice with BC2, MoH and Vietnam. This year, Brink, Battlefield3, Crysis2 and perhaps even Homefront should provide some competition, along with Killzone3/Gears3.
I'll agree with the article on that.

Though, despite what some people tend to think, CoD's playerbase isn't composed entirely of moronic dimwits with no knowledge of other games. They simply don't have a good alternative. (MoH comes close this year but needs to be refined a bit...)
I'm still waiting for news on what Respawn is cooking up.

JeffGUNZ3730d ago

Exactly. When it comes to FPS, the other competition isn't really close. Sure, games like AC: Brotherhood and Mass Effect are great, but the addictive multiplayer in COD is the reason people keep coming back for more. I am really hoping COD will step up and use a new engine or change it up a little. Who knows, I guess we will have to wait and see.

lil Titan3731d ago

After i bought Battlefield Bad Company 2 im more excited for Battlefield 3 "BETA" than hearing news on another COD game. I will never play another COD game after my experience on BFBC2. Before anyone disagrees with me play the game first, rent it, i promise this game will leave you wanting more

Asgaro3731d ago


BFBC2 is really top notch.

In March the first BF3 information will arrive from official sources :D

toaster3731d ago

"Black Ops scored worse and took more heat from many journalists and gamers but the game still is the best selling COD to date"

Wat :| you haven't played CoD2 have you..

trancefreak3731d ago

the first modern warfare gave me that wow factor was really solid imo. The second seemed more of a chore during the campaign.

I like the missions you can do do though on your own.

One thing i liked about reach was all the added game modes I think cod should continue that and expand it.

But once I get kz3 I dont think I need another fps game this year. I like to get my money worth out of mplayer which I could play all year long due to not having much gaming time anyways.

Sevir043731d ago

At this point I'm surprised people are looking to the franchise and expecting it to be a hit. it's the same game with a new coat of paint year after year! and 8+ million sheep run out to buy it day one! The game isn't innovative in any of it's iterations after Modern warfare and have been a train wreck waiting to happen since the release of COD4:MW success began to squander!...

Its cool though Activision will continue to put out carbon copies thanks to infinity ward's Former Glory and thanks to fans of the series who blindl;y support stagnant game development. :-)

multips3fan3730d ago

hopefully they release a real 60$ top quality game instead of giving us betas every year

eliasg3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

The option to play multiplayer in split screen is great, also they make the correct move to give us pure deathmatch.

Nevertheless the kill strike awards in any of the other modes are killing the game. Imagine if you didnt start well a game you have zero possibilities to come back because the opponents would have already brought an airoplane, a helicopter or even a f. remote car.

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DEATHSTROKE-cro-3731d ago

MW2 - every few seconds some shit falls from the sky.
almost no skill needed.
sold it after 2 weeks.

Black Ops - got bored after 3 days

but MW2 has way better maps than BO. not buying any COD again.

I'm waiting for Battlefield 3 with my 12 660 006 points,1004 *Ace Pins and 758 hours spent in Bad Company 2 :p

*Ace Pin = Best Player in the round


DEATHSTROKE-cro-3731d ago


are you dumb or what ? LOL

SJPFTW3731d ago

yahh no one gives a shit that you have no life and spend your whole life playing Battlefield.

LOL @ people who post there stats, (which might be BS) and thinking people in the real world gives a flying fuck

DEATHSTROKE-cro-3731d ago

calm down COD fanboy. hahaha

yeah, look,my stats are fake

SJPFTW3731d ago

actually i dont play call of duty. Valve games, killzone and crysis for me

JeffGUNZ3730d ago

WOW, this dude is a nerd. Get off Battlefield and do something with your life. You call this guy a COD Fanboy, yet you put in 750+ hours on Battlefield 2. Ironic. Also, pathetic.

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lil Titan3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

@deathstroke none of my dog tags better not be in there lol

guigsy3731d ago

This is the problem with people and Black Ops, they play a few games of team deathmatch and they think they've played it all. Wager matches are such an awesome addition, gun game being my personal favourite, as you're pretty much putting your money where your mouth is and testing your ability with a variety of weapons. People seem to have ignored this game mode, and it's a tremendous shame.

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BALLARD323731d ago

It's time to go back to their roots. CoD4 was so simple and that is why its the most acclaimed cod to date. There is no need for a dozen killstreaks and equipment that throws off balance. Worry about balance and security and they may be able to interest me in cod again.

marcindpol3731d ago

MW3 must be a different and a better game than any other COD title otherwise i hope this game will fail and i will not buy it!

BLACKBOIJONES3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

It better step it up or i will do what i did to my black ops which is--------> AND-------------->

lil Titan3731d ago

OR ill just do what most people would do which is take the game back where i got it. which is here