Mass Effect 2 PS3 Review-Just Push Start

On January 26, 2010 Mass Effect 2 made its way onto Xbox 360 and PC. Almost exactly a year later the highly praised sequel has made its way onto the Playstation 3 allowing Sony’s fanbase a chance at discovering what all the buzz was about early last year. Its timing couldn’t be more perfect with Mass Effect 3 announced and set to release this year, but this entry in the series will ship multiplatform.

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InvaderZim3733d ago

This game is awesome. Happy it went multiplat so everyone can enjoy this epic game.

ChickeyCantor3733d ago

Mass effect 1 and 2 sum up around 21 gigs.
Why didnt they port both games onto one disc?
The interactive comic DOES NOT justify anything you can do in the first one.

Active Reload3733d ago

Because the first Mass Effect, MS owns the publishing rights.

ChickeyCantor3733d ago

Ah, never really thought of that...but still there must be a way they could do it legally. Its a shame most people wont even play ME1 now...

Raendom3733d ago

The comic is pretty good though. I have ME on PC but never finished it but I totally undertstand the story now, I was getting confused while playing through the first time (like what's a geth, reaper, saren etc but the comic cleared it up).

Off topic, what does your avatar mean, i know thats coding shizzle but is it a joke or something? :\

ChickeyCantor3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

The story explains it all...
And you should talk to Tali more often.

The game is far better.
If you don't get the stuff from the first one, you wont get the stuff from the second one.

The lores and such in ME go much deeper in detail than the comic. The choices you can make are so minimal.
Yes i love this game and think the Comic is demonic!

Bodster3733d ago

Even though I had played this before on xbox I am really loving it on PS3, since getting it on friday iv clocked in nearly 9 hours and most of that has just been exploring planets and even just exploring about on the Normandy :P

Tex1173733d ago

Me2 is pretty light on the RPG elements, but Im enjoying the experience quite a bit.