MMOGlider speaks about Blizzard Lawsuit

Botchweed: "Alexander “Ocktra” Rhodes from MMOGlider, the service which provides many World of Warcraft players with an automation bot has spoken out about their company being sued by Blizzard Entertainment."

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redd0r3738d ago

Didn't even realize there was a lawsuit, guess it got overshadowed by WoS

joshb13738d ago

Personally, I'm against botting due to the whole gold farming association (I've had my WoW account stolen in the past and used for this purpose). It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Pocker3737d ago

In about 6 months of using Glider i made somewhere around $19,000.

those were the days.

radphil3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I thought 3rd party external programs weren't allowed from the TOS or something.

Also I had the same situation joshb1 had, where my account was compromised. This however was because I didn't play for 2 years, and my friend wanted me to start back up again. Tried to log in, and turned out my account was used for bot farming and link spam. The funny thing, is that it happened a year after I stopped playing.

Masterchef20073737d ago

i consider botting the same thing as cheating. SO i am happy that they are going to try to take them down.