Nintendo World Brazil: No Fatal Frame Remake For The West

Nintendo is so lucky to be the only company that still publishes games in the Fatal Frame series. What, you didn't know? That's okay. After all, the most recent title (Fatal Frame IV} was only released in Japan, and this might not change anytime soon.

But first, we will explain: Fatal Frame IV was released in Japan-only in 2008, exclusively for the Wii - and was distributed by Nintendo.
Now, Koei / Tecmo Games are preparing to remake the second game, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, which was originally released in 2003. However, there are no plans to release it outside of Japan.

One wonders why it is being remade at all.

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ally123453738d ago

they're remaking it?

*is surprised*

Rage_S903738d ago

fatal frame was awesome

Cloudberry3738d ago

Could Koei / Tecmo give us PS2's [Fatal Frame Trilogy Collection] in Blu-Ray instead?

FrankMcSpank3738d ago


I think it is kind of BS that Nintendo won't support this game or any Fatal Franme Wii outside JP. I would like to see this on an HD system. Would work well as Move(or possibily) a Kinect title.

Cloudberry3738d ago

Is there a reason why Nintendo wont localize Fatal Frame IV?

FrankMcSpank3738d ago

No clue man. I just read it in a bunch of mags and online. It seems perfect. Maybe it's because hardcore Wii games fail hard outside of JP.

stragomccloud3738d ago


It's sad really, because Fatal Frame 4 for Wii was the top selling game in the franchise!

Many sad pandas abound!

PickAShoe3738d ago

Speaking of Fatal Frame, they should remake this into HD for ps3.

stragomccloud3738d ago

Not possible.
HD remakes cost 5x more than Wii remakes. And the entire fatal frame franchise has only sold a total of about 200,000 copies.

That's pretty sad considering that the PS2 was the most popular system of all time.

Unfortunately, most people just aren't too keen on pure horror titles.

Eddy2233738d ago

im not even surprised
this is ridiculous

KillerPwned3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Maybe Nintendo is afraid it wont sell that much outside of Japan? It is very popular their but still i believe outside of Japan. The game is still very popular and i think its one of the very few true Survival Horror Franchises out their to keep its name.

These need to come out West on Wii and a PS3 collection would bank them some $$$$.

Pozzle3737d ago

Tbh, Nintendo shouldn't have picked up the series if they had no intention of publishing it overseas. Even Tecmo was disappointed they decided not to publish it in the West. I think Tecmo were expecting a bit more publicity and exposure for their series when Nintendo became publishers...but it didn't happen. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.