Where Did Survival Horror Go?

Today Extra Credits ask the question 'Where did the Survival Horror genre go?'

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Bloodlyte3737d ago

I think going mainstream is the biggest problem and the graphical improvement isn't that big of a deal. Amnesia and Alan Wake are both great looking games and still have a awesome atmosphere. But the missing point here is the emphasis on SURVIVAL.

Remember in RE2 if you played recklessly and shot like 3 grenades to 1 zombie and when you get to the final boss you have like 2 shotgun shells and 1 full clip of handgun ammo? But now zombies drop ammo, making the fights less thought trough and easier to engage, taking away the tension.

The most scary part in horror survival for me is knowing you don't stand a chance to against your enemies and you have to outsmart them (like in the hospital level in Siren : Blood Curse)

Also in in the RE story line there are still a bit more unanswered question like in RE2. What happened to Shelly? She got infected! Or in RE:Code Veronica, Wesker said he has the body of Steve Burnside!

The RE5 team took a dump on all those question and just killed Wesker off in the lamest way taking all the mystery away, thats a better way of "killing" the mystery then just telling that Umbrella is bad and thats it...