TenTonHammer: DC Universe Online Review

Ultimately, the lack of a sufficiently robust and user-friendly UI, and the premium-level financial barrier of entry, will remain the game's primary blemishes on an otherwise shining report card.

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Masterchef20073732d ago

seems fantastic but i am going to wait a while before getting it. I have 3 months of WoW while i wait

hakis863732d ago

I'm having a blast with DCUO! PS3 version

Lets-Game3732d ago

cancelled my wow sub, wow is good atm and have only few complaints but after 5years i just decided to leave it behind. gonna play dc universe for now, so far its great fun will keep playing as long as i enjoy it. in general will stay away from mmo's.

soundslike3732d ago

You won't be disappointed by the sub. Third tier of raids and armor releases next month-ish.

Most people won't even have T1 by then.

First mmo with skillful pvp, in my opinion. It has yet to feel like a numbers war. We always take on people, IN ARENA, 2v3, 2v4 and kill them all, surviving by the littlest sliver of health that my friend is healing, while I shut down the current threat with stuns. Then when they finally can attack us, block, putting them into a hard stun and leaving them open to a killing air-juggle devil may cry style.

ReBurn3732d ago

I wish the review included the PS3 version. I want to know more about that version.

Masterchef20073732d ago

I am really interested in seeing how it stacks up 2 the PC version. Cant wait to see digital foundry compare the 2.

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