2011 will be the year Survival Horror makes a stand

You hear it all the time: the genre of survival horror is one that is slowly dying. Such a claim isn’t entirely misguided due to the lack of any truly scary games being put out recently. In 2010 the independent developer Frictional Games changed that and they gave us a gem with Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a PC/ Mac exclusive that truly lived up to its genre and gave horror fans hope for the genre’s future. So here we are in a new year and with major horror franchises getting sequels that will all, hopefully, land in 2011. Will they deliver on the scares? Or will they just stick to the very popular recent uprising of “survival-action”. Join us, as we all pool in our picks for what’s going to be hot within the survival horror genre in 2011.

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trains3738d ago

aww i wana play it but i can find it on retail anywhere :(

trains3738d ago

i knew someone would say steam well i dont have a credit card :(

guigsy3738d ago

All the decent-looking ones are from indie companies. Shame that they won't get much exposure.

Commander_TK3738d ago

They will if we spread the word. Take Amnesia as an example.

Btw, it's great to c the horror franchise back again. We need more horror games.

EditorAtGNG3738d ago

I'll be honest, some of those games listed are definitely NOT of the survival horror genre. Dead Space? It is a third person shooter (yes, SHOOTER) with some horror elements (setting, bits of scary set pieces, nothing too fancy). It is by no means a bad game (I loved it actually, reminded me of Event Horizon in a good way) but its no way near spookiness and fear factor of say, Amnesia: The Dark Decent. The same could be said about the new Resident Evil games and... oh God, I saw Fear 3 there...

People tend to mistake Survival Horror with Hard Ass action packed games that have horror elements. As the name of the genre suggests, Survival Horror is about Survival, not shooting hordes of nightmarish monstrosities. The genre itself thrived on saving ammo, running away, hiding and being constantly chased by a "thing" that is clearly more powerful than the character you are playing with. The catch is, the stronger you feel against the upcoming threat, the less the horror factor. Yes, some of those "scaring the shit out of you moments" in Dead Space tend to nail the "frightening factor" in the beginning, but it is nothing permanent. Same goes for Resident Evil and the like.

Survival Horror should always be the epitome of fear and uncertainty while playing a game made in that fashion, something that will chill your blood and make you fear even the cat running behind you.

Dragon_Hiko3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Haha, all I remember when I started showing my friend Dead Space, was him screaming like a girl and would never play it. And if it's too easy for you, play on a harder difficulty the first time through to have way more of a challenge and running low on ammo hard to survive feel. Get a good surround sound, crank it up to high, play in the dark and by yourself. Sadly no survival horror game is the same the second or third play through, it's the first that gets you. And like I said if it's too easy at first, crank it up to a harder setting.

Blaine3738d ago

I made my friend (she - not a gamer!) play the DS2 demo and she FREAKED! XD That part where Isaac's mind is playing tricks on him was enough to probably make her never want to touch a controller again... On second thought, maybe I shouldn't have done that! :P

Dragon_Hiko3738d ago

Haha Nice!

Shame on you for scaring away a new gamer though!!

You just have to put the controller in her hands on LBP2 to fix that problem though I'm sure hehe.

nix3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

i too had the demo downloaded long time back but was too scared to try it. i finally finished it this weekend and immediately deleted it. which also means, i won't be buying the full game. he he..

i think although Demon's Souls is not a horror game, the world was pretty scary throughout, namely the swamp region. man it made a girl out of me. lol. i did finish it though. ((:

and yes.. RE5 is not scary after a point though i dread walking into the tunnel... it's kinda boring. i stopped around 3rd chapter bcoz the story stopped moving.

Dragon_Hiko3738d ago

Yeah, Dead space and RE5 I guess are classified as the same 'type' of game, but they are no where near the same all. Re4 on the other hand had a great story, and did a really good job on the survival horror aspect as well, definitely one of my favorites right there.

And I totally agree, Demon's souls had an awesome creepy vibe about the game. It was like a survival horror rpg haha.

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Blaine3738d ago

Survival Horror's not dying, it's being *abandoned* (unfortunately). Thanks Crapcom, for forgetting all the reasons you were ever good, and turning everything you touch and ever made to shit.

Azianphil883738d ago

i'm still waiting for the next Siren series to come out.
After playing the recent Siren Blood Curse im hook into the series.

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