WDG: Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Preview

James Joell-Ireland from writes "In a dimly lit and eerie venue in the heart of London, EA played host to the launch event for Dead Space 2 at The Crypt on the Green, Clerkenwell, London. We were there and not only did we get to play the Multiplayer but we also got to play the first chapter of the single player campaign. Unfortunately we cannot write about the first chapter until after the 26th January 2011 and even if I were to write about it, I couldn’t possibly tell you how this ties into the second game as a deep scratch unreadable disc error prevented me from completing the original Dead Space in vue of the event taking place, so naturally I was gutted about that."

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KingDustero3731d ago

I myself can't wait for the MP. The single player is still amazing, but the MP will keep the game living longer after I platinum the game.

I was in the MP beta and I have to say I really liked it even with just one map. I can't wait to see all of the maps and customization they've added in.

Enate3731d ago

I personally couldn't stand the multiplayer in the beta. It just didn't feel like right with Dead Space just like I knew it wouldn't. It felt forced and unnatural in the competitive mode, like it was trying to be something its not. Co-op to much still would have been a much better choice. An btw King this isn't cod or battlefield, its 5 maps with one mode and not an fps.

If they did something like uncharted 2's co-op or the merc mode from resident evil 5 or both that would have been hot.