FIFA 12: EA details improved AI, set pieces

EA Sports is hard at work on FIFA 12, and has detailed some of the improvements you can expect to see when the game releases later this year.

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imvix3738d ago

Why not support fifa 11 and add in the improvements? oh wait this is EA lol.

farhad2k83738d ago

I want different commentators for different matches.
Plus, how come they have NO enthusiasm in their commentating? They commentate as if they just lost their life savings in Vegas!!

And the online needs a complete overhaul! It's impossible to play online, even if there are 2 PS3's in one house!

genocidegeneral2153738d ago

whats the problem online?
i and my mates find it easy to play most nights,

Yi-Long3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

... I liked WC2010 a whole lot better, gameplay-wise.

Somehow, the changes in gameplay in FIFA11 just made the game a whole lot more frustrating.

Shooting from distance was perfect in WC2010, and is pretty much impossible in FIFA11 now, with players even stopping halfway through their run-up to the shot...

Also the AI is screwed up somehow: break away with a winger on the ball and a striker, and the strikers doesn't move to the open space, yet comes into the ball, which is just beyond ridiculous.

It's still a good game, but the changes in gameplay and AI just made it a whole lot more frustrating, less fun to play, and while I would score in many different ways in WC2010 (long distance, 1-on-1 with the keeper, chips, wing-play, combinations, etc etc...), it seems like in FIFA2011 you pretty much mostly score through a 1-2 over the top, or by a cross from the wing that gets headed in... which becomes pretty boring quickly.

RedDevils3738d ago

@Yi-Long true Long Distance (Screamer) doesn't come very often as you would wanted, I score one screamer like from 25 yard, but very unlikely that I will score again, maybe a few more months before I did again

starcb263738d ago

That's why I play with spanish commentary :D

asdlfkj3498as3738d ago

the only person from chelsea that I believe ive scored from 25 + yards out was with lampard. I even scored a 40 yard free kick against arsenal with him. I have a video that would of proved it but ea fucked up the replay I uploaded...

MasterGuru3738d ago

I scored a free-kick last night from 42 yards...HAHAHAAH....

How about that??

I was using Alves.

The trick to shooting long distances is that you should really consider using the Finesse shot.

I know, I know. It doesn't look as good but still, a goal from long distance is a goal from long distance, right?

Anyway, I played Chelsea using Barca last night and Pique scored a finesse shot from 25 yards. It was beautiful in my eyes!

Barca went on to win the game 9-0. :P

Lucky for me the person I was facing was a 12 year old. If the guy was 13-30, he would have quit when it was 4-0... Do you people have my problem too?

Ragequitting suckssssssssssssss!!!!!!!

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Commander_TK3738d ago

Yh, lol. It's basically the same thing as COD, Madden etc.

EA and Activsion r the worst publishers ever. I hate EA more though. The only thing they have better than Activsion is their games and devs, but other than that, they're just as money-hungry as Activision.

hennessey863738d ago

they could patch them improvements into fifa11, we need to stop buying these yearly updates otherwise were going to get mediocor footy games for a long time to come. the last time i enjoyed a footy game was last gen

RedDevils3738d ago

Pro Evo still awesome to play, they got a better youth system in the game

Xbox360PS3AndPC3738d ago

EA & Activision Are The Same At Milking Stuff

imvix3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Yep EA is known to shutdown server of multiplayer games a year or so after release, just so they can force the user base to buy the next game.

Mean while we have other developers like Valve, who keep supporting their games 10years after release.

The little differences EA does offer in their Sports games are hardly worth a purchase.

Heres something different i have been doing with Fifa 11 though:

Games running on 3 screens via Nvidia surround (or eyefinity), seeing the entire field is simply epic.

Active Reload3738d ago

Set pieces in a sports game? It must have a campaign then...?

Commander_TK3738d ago

Set pieces in football: Free-kicks, corners etc.

Ranshak3738d ago

Haha you actually expected EA to actually put in some work into their next Fifa lol. About the only time they will do that is once they have milked this engine dry.

Expect any improvements if at all when a fresh game is released maybe by 2015.

TehUltimateNewb3738d ago

Hahahahaha, Active Reload, that's the funniest thing I've read in a long long time on this site. Thank you

galgor3738d ago

On the PS3 version at least, how about proper custom soundtracks & with a menu that works? That "feature" was so badly made it's unbelievable. I was looking forward to hearing music over the game whilst playing but instead we get some crappy background style effect. Don't even get me started on the menu for it either..

& another thing, why is it when you try to find an online game & the old "this session has ended" thing comes up are you brought back to MAIN menu?! I wanted to play online ffs, at least bring me back to the online menu.

Ranshak3738d ago

They dont really care what you think, since they have millions buying the same rehashed stuff every year.

Why make an improvement when people will willingly pay 60usd for a roaster update every year?

Hanif-8763738d ago

I like what they did with the custom music on the PS3 version because you can hear the commentator and also the music like its playing in the stadium :-)

mobijoker3738d ago

EA is seriously milking the sports genre as there is no competition and people around the world got a habit of buying those each year like CoD.

HornyHaggis3738d ago

pro evo is their only kind of competition in the football genre, I rememeber back when pes was the better of the two

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