Duke Nukem Forever to release on all 3 platforms (PC PS3 & Xbox 360)

It's crazy how much hype has gone into the release details of this game, and exactly how long everyone waited. We have scooped up the best parts of all the news and fed you with our humble opinions on the matter.. basically... HELL YA to the King Baby!!!

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Istanbull3733d ago

Is this... newsworthy? The platforms were known at the end of the trailer last week.

DelbertGrady3733d ago

What can you expect from a site with almost no moderation at all?

deafwing3733d ago

lol magicbox still kicking butt over this site and you still can't post comments on there.

I mean Evil Ryu and that new ONI character from SSFIVA anyways :p Sometimes its good not giving people the ability to comment

dark3553733d ago

The platforms have been known for almost the last half year.

gameguidedog3733d ago

The platforms have been known for almost the last half year, there were officially confirmed via press released a few days ago. Is there another story on this, no. Nuff said.

Charmers3733d ago

In other news water is a liquid substance that can leave carbon based lifeforms in a state of extreme dampness if they come into contact with it.

But in all seriousness this isn't really news, we already knew this. Hell they even got the "demo available to those that bought the GOTY edition" wrong. The demo is available to everyone that bought Boderlands from steam before a certain date and will be available to everyone one week later.

Still it is good to see Gearbox treating all platforms equally and giving everyone a demo, THAT is how it should be.

belal3733d ago

lol everybody knew that this game was not an exclusive to any platform...

Masterchef20073733d ago

nice one captain obvious. Anyways i hope they do a good job with the PS3 version of the game cause i certainly dont have a PC that can handle it

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