5 Reasons To Buy An Xbox 360 Slim

GameMunition shows us 5 reasons to buy the X360 Slim.

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OMG people are still doing articles like these?

we dont need t know 5 reasons to buy an 360,ps3 or wii anymore

DelbertGrady3732d ago

90% of the "reasons why you should buy" articles on N4G are about the PS3. I also think it's good that they made one about the Slim, since it has many advantages over the old version.

My advice is to go with the 250gb.


so your actually telling me this is the ONE AND ONLY article you have seen regarding reasons to buy a slim whether ps3 or 360 on n4g?

how is that cave?

FrankMcSpank3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )


They make articles like this everyday, for every system. I would say upgrading to a newer Xbox this year is pretty pointless. That is 300 that could be spent on something else, like games.

Well to be honest, unless exclusive don't impress you, that is invalid. The 360 line up is pretty nonexistent this year. If you are only interested in multiplat games, then well there are enough of them that will satisfy both PS3 and 360 gamers, but I like exclusives since they push the tech and are usually the best.

lowcarb3732d ago

Newcomers should go with the console that has games that appeal to them. PS3 has a strong exclusive lineup to you but not everybody.

DigitalRaptor3732d ago

As far as the industry is concerned, PS3 has an unequivocally stong exclusive lineup, as does the PC.

creeping judas3732d ago

@ digital

But the industry does not buy the consoles, consumers do, 95% of who do not read internet web pages to see who has the strongest exclusive line up. Unfortunately they purchase with their wallets, and tend to purchase what is usually cheaper.

Active Reload3732d ago

Everyone who came to comment in this article, obviously wants a 360 slim.

lowcarb3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

As of right now SOny has more exclusives announced but then again the year is just started. 360 will have games being announced(kinect or traditional core)soon that create excitement and buzz. Sony is definitely holding it down but at the same time it's not enough to make anybody right off 360. Things are happening this year and believe it or not it's bigger than just SOny.

Inside_out3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago ) buy the 250gb version. 4 gb 360 S is useless and won't even hold many DEMO's, let alone maps packs...etc...( holds head in shame )...I bought one for $129.00 over the holidays, now I'm looking at how much a bigger HD costs...O_o...damn you M$

BTW...already have a 60gb 360...but still.

Kurt Russell3731d ago

Wii has been busting a few exclusives too... Just saying.

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Handsome_Devil3732d ago

it is an opinion, we don't have to agree or disagree with the article :).

enjoy this video, she is adorable!!!


Next article will b 5 reason to buy the ps3 slim. Then the next article(I HOPE) will b 5 reason why N4G should b called B4G BLOG FOR GAMERS. :|

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Vherostar3732d ago

5 reasons compared to Xbox 360 non slim though.. The thing is MS have stopped making the non slim version...

m23453732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

lowcarb: i've been hearing the same thing from since e3 2010. where are the games? seriously man, you can't possibly believe that microsoft will announce new games that aren't kinect related. where are the exclusives?

anyway, this list is stupid, just like every one of these lists that have a tendency to come out each time.

livinwitbias3732d ago

Dude, all you PS3 Fanboys do is toot the same horn over and over again; exclusive this, exclusive that.

The funny thing is when all of the so-called best exclusives actually do release you guys support it with a fair outing at best.

There is over 40 million of you guys (WW), out there and only 12.5 percent of you bought GT5, and its currently you best selling exclusive to date.

With that being said, most of you guys talk a lot of smack about exclusives simply to use as bragging rights, then you don't even buy the damn game.

m23453731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

good job calling me a ps3 fanboy when you can't even refute the things i said. real sad. and another thing, sales isn't what makes a game. the gameplay is what makes a game great.

lowcarb3731d ago


Don't play dumb! You know as good as anyone else that MS will announce some games going forward throughout 2011. Kinect related or not if the gameplay is good (which you claim matters)then you have nothing to worry about. Last year 360 had a pretty healthy games forecast throughout the year and I truly believe this year will shape up to be something epic. Don't fall for all the Sony hype like every other clueless gamer on this site. There's tons coming out and exclusives or not has nothing to do with which console provides the better experience.

colombiankilla013731d ago

oooohhh yea and what does xbox have call of duty dlc and gaylo lol!!! we have more games to choose from retard!!

m23453731d ago

lowcarb: you and every other 360 fanboy has been saying that since e3 2010. i'll believe it when i see it. for now, mash disagrees because you still can't refute what i'm sayin'.

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Scary693732d ago

Sorry those 5 reasons are not good enough for me, I will pass as usual. heh morons

house3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )


the reason being why Sony games sell "bad" is that theres so many of them not every one has the cash to buy every single game out there and with that said theirs alot of exclusives games to pick from

KingME3731d ago


You may have a point, but it you're going to talk smack about a game then the least thing you can do is buy the damn thing.

"the reason being why Sony games sell "bad" is that theres so many of them not every one has the cash to buy every single game out there"

First off, I don't think Sony games sell bad, I just don't think they sell as well as the hype makes one think it'll sell.

So that's just another excuse. I own all three systems although I perfer the 360 over the PS3 I own almost all of the quality PS3 exclusives except for GT5 and that's because I already own Forza and a wheel for the 360 and I didn't want to buy another wheel.

Are you implying that PS3 owners are typically a bunch of H.S. kids with no job and no money, but cause about a year ago there was some survey that came out saying PS3 owners were 25-35 years old sucessful males. These guys should have some money right. Or was the survey more media BS?

Anon19743732d ago

Personally, I think if you don't have a 360 as a gamer you've missed out on some fantastic titles. If you've got the money, really PS3/360 is the way to go. If Microsoft has indeed fixed the hardware issues, the 360's slims shouldn't be passed up on. I just wish they had come out before I went through 3 consoles and had bite the bullet and spend $100 on the wi-fi adapter when I bought my new house (office and 360 weren't even on the same floor anymore). And making it quieter and cooler is a plus and a plus. Now all they need to do is lower the price. They do realize they've been charging the same price for six year old tech for something like 2, 3 years now, right?

Agent-863732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

"They do realize they've been charging the same price for six year old tech for something like 2, 3 years now, right?" You do realize it's MS, right? The kings of milking their "cash cows". Actually, I think the PC/PS3 is the best combo. PC is my preferred platform (especially for FPS and RTS with KB/M) and a lot of 360 "exclusives" are also on the PC, making the 360 a little redundant for me. The PS3 just has more of the console exclusives that I wanted to play and this year looks truly amazing for even more great PS3 exclusives.

NewZealander3731d ago

only problem is it is a complete dust magnet, have it out of the box for an hour and it will already look like its been sitting there for a year.

it seems retarded to use this cheap shiny crap on anything, especially consoles.

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ps3rider3732d ago

why i think that most of this reason came because of PS3

Pozzle3732d ago

If you want an Xbox Slim, wouldn't you already know why you want it? And if you don't want one, wouldn't you just...not get one?

I don't think a list is going to change anybody's mind.

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