Marvel vs Capcom 3 to have a brand new Jill Valentine

According to Seth Killian, Jill will have her RE5 looks and fighting style when she joins the fray in MvC3, making her the fastest character in the game, as well as the most altered returning character

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Pozzle2830d ago

I suppose it's to be expected, since Chris and Wesker are wearing their RE5 outfits. But I'd prefer ANY of Jill's previous looks to her bizarre RE5 one.

SemperPie2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

I'm hoping for the flashback/Mercenaries STARS look from RE5 as an alternate costume. That one's my favorite

Michael-Jackson2830d ago

How did this get approved? it's OLD.

midgard2272829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

i want her resident evil 3 costume

and man im happy that shes the fastest character in the game, especially since im a rushdown type of player, AWESOME, maining her, dante and X-23!

Simon_Brezhnev2829d ago

lol u not a rush down type you like zone characters lol

Sevir042829d ago

I didn't play RE5 so i dont know what she looks like can someone show me a picture

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