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Ever since Christopher Nolan’s theatrical Batman reboot my interest in Super Heroes has been at an all time high, now that’s not to say I’m ready to dress up in a spandex suit/cape and hit the streets to fight crime, but there was a certain level of believability to the new Batman that piqued the question – wouldn’t it be cool?. Well thanks to the collaborative effort of Sony Online Entertainment and DC comics, myself and countless other comic book fans can live out our crime fighting fantasies from the comfort of our homes in the brand new action MMO-RPG DC Universe Online.

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Blaine3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Reviews for this game are so all over the place, it's IMPOSSIBLE to get an accurate idea how good the game is...


What am I saying--who gives a shit what reviewers think this gen! They're all a bunch of nit-picking impossible-to-please double-standards don't-know-the-difference- between-objective-and-subjectiv e morons.

Panthers3738d ago

Its also really tough to review an MMO since the game can cater to a lot of different players and has a lot of different things to offer.

FrankMcSpank3738d ago

7-8 is about right for any MMO out of the box. Everquest, Matrix Online, SW: Salaxies, Free Realms, and even WOW all started out rough. But they grow as the game goes along. Look at WOW now. It is really established. Plus getting an 8 is pretty incredible when you look at the reviews FF XIV got. I think DCU is doing pretty darn good, so far.

Anon19743738d ago

I downloaded the beta to try it out and I've gotta say, it really didn't blow my skirt up. I noticed a friend (and DC comic enthusiast) had picked it up and was playing through. I'm interested to hear his take on the game as I respect his opinion as a gamer.

ElementX3738d ago

I'm the "Flaming Queen" on Crisis server! I just got to Lvl 8 and am approaching 9 fast!

Masterchef20073738d ago

wow this game has gotten all kinds of review. But from what i hear from the public the game is fantastic.

Buffniceguy3738d ago

User reviews > then any website or magazines reviews.

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