Modern Combat: Domination Hacked Already

The hacks include ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) too see enemies clearly without a hassle. The hack also includes Bullet Tracing, bullet tracing allows you to see where the bullet is coming from (kinda like starwars lasers). There is also another modification that allows you to remove smoke from smoke grenades and explosions (so they don't obstruct your view).

The hacks currently being worked on are God Mode, and Wall hacking.


Wall hacking and walking through walls has just been confirmed, it's in beta testing though.

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Seijoru3739d ago

Wow all this does is make the game look like Halo.

Seijoru3738d ago

No one got my brightly colored guns joke?

SuicideShaun3738d ago

I got it, I just didn't think it was funny at all.

Dee_913738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

yea fuck hackers and fuck hsx9
and fuck who ever else support destroying multiplayer
ihope they all get they psns and gamertags banned

keep that crap on pc
or at least in single player mode

Rainstorm813738d ago

We got it....we ain't laughing...but we got it

thereapersson3738d ago

I watched my friend - who become so good at Quake 3 he was bored of it - wall hack people until he was banned from most of the servers he was familiar with. It was funny watching people come through corridors and get owned the second they walked around the corner.

Now the thing is, I knew in my head how frustrating it must have been for those on the receiving end of the pwnage, but I knew the context of the hax so it didn't bother me so much. I know, however, that most of the "hackers" (read: skript kiddies) rely on other peoples' exploits to pretty much n00b-run the games. It's really sad...

thereapersson3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

lol @ the disagrees

N4G affects your day-to-day lives that much, eh?

Leio3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )


Is you comment some kind of universal truth ?

thereapersson3738d ago

What are you talking about?

HolyOrangeCows3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

"lol @ the disagrees
N4G affects your day-to-day lives that much, eh?"

No one finds wall hacks funny, so "n4g affects their daily lives that much"?


Biggest3738d ago

Looks like disagrees make an impact on your life. How is cheating "pwnage" to you anyway? What's wrong with you?

BX813738d ago

Click agree if you think thereapersson and his friend ruin gaming for people who work hard for their money and purchase a game!

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visualb3738d ago

fuck hackers that ruin the experience for others.

Octo13739d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

FUCK! Seriously?! Another game ruined by fucking hackers. Well this made up my mind NOT to buy this. Another game taken away from me juts like COD:MW2 and Black Ops cause of god damn cheaters! Oh sorry I mean "hackers"
Bu bu bu but were only making the PS3 the best it could be. Bring back other OS!!
Right :/
Really?! Disagrees for not wanting cheaters when I play my games online? REALLY?!

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HSx93738d ago

yes but it's going to take a while ETA by tomorrow.

Octo13738d ago

Oh thanks! So I should expect cheaters later rather than sooner. Well that changes everything! I will buy this game after all :/

HSx93738d ago

once again, I'm the only one who can do this, nobody is cheating unless someone finds out as well and posts a tutorial.

hesido3738d ago

HSx9: Congrads for being a total a**hole. I'm sure you have a hard-on from just reading inflammatory comments, as you prove to yourself how important you are!

jjohan353738d ago

Good job ruining another good game.

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Rainstorm813738d ago

I agree 100%

I normally could care less about hackers or what they do with the ps3 or 360 or PC.....but when you are ruining the online play of games it goes too far.

Hackers that do this are lowlives and probably have zero skill in anything related to competitive gaming.

Others will find like a virus it only every other cheat/hack

kudakadere3738d ago

That's true , hackers came with good intenstions , to get the OS back but they must understand that the OS is gone for a reason , it free's more SPU for gaming purposes.

hesido3738d ago

No, removal of the otherOS didn't free any SPU's. Sorry buddy. It was not being run at all during game playing.

Ju3738d ago

Wtf is the rant against the game when you should target the hackers. Stealth trolling. How can you get that many agrees, man?

XabiTheHumble3738d ago

@HSx9 Your a fucking fag bro, get a life. (taking my bubbles or whats left of them I don't care)

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_Dark_Fulgore_3738d ago

Just enjoy the game Octo. Nice work HS as always. Seems like a good title, kind of like a COD Clone but I heard this supports the PS MOVe or some shit so I guess thats a plus. Keep up the good work

Octo13738d ago

That's like telling me to enjoy eating ice cream even though there's a piece of shit on it.

xtremexx3738d ago

"Faster Than The Speed Of Light ... HACKERZ!!!!!"

jneul3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

simple report any cheaters straight to sony, lets see them appreciate that ban!!
edit: i am upset that hackers are spoiling what has become my favorite shooter right now grrr shakes fist