Dead Space 2: 9 things about the first 6 chapters

Dead Space 2 comes out on January 25 and we've had a little over a week to plug through our review copy. Here is a 9-item list of our impressions from the game's first 6 chapters:

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Sevir043737d ago

Cant wait for this game! :-)

AliTheBrit4203737d ago

Meeeeeeh who cares, dead space isn't even scary, its just a dark shooter.

You want a scary game? download Amnesia.

nskrishna23737d ago

Amenisa was awesome...i've never played a game that was so nerve wracking as that..those invisible water monster thingy still haunt me...
Dead Space 2 is action horror, its worth a shot man..:)
Can't wait to get my hands on this

KingDustero3737d ago

Dead Space isn't 100% horror. It does have some action in it, but it can be scary at times. The thing it does well is make you feel like something could jump out at you at any moment. It is the atmosphere that VG does very well.

sam22363737d ago

That's it Examiner! Release spoilers and ruin the game for everybody before it even comes out!

Good job guys!