Sony set to win spring

Sony delayed many of their big projects to a less than stellar holiday season for the console manufacturer. The good news is that these delays are turning Sony's spring into a winner.

With "LittleBigPlanet 2" already set to be a big hit for Sony, the console maker is poised to be the winner this spring.

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Alpha_Gamer3733d ago

Sony has this entire year on lockdown, from beginning to end.

Schism203733d ago

Yea I know right the headline should say "Sony set to win 2011."

worldgames3732d ago

lol yeah add it to all the other articles that have been titled that in the last month.

DualConsoleOwner3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

cause Xbox is getting skittles treatment.

lack of Xbox exclusives proves what i said.

Commander_TK3732d ago

How many more of these "articles" do we need?

LORD-PHOENIX3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

spring summer and winter...the whole collective of AAA games surpass what the rival consoles have to offer, timed DLC is embarrassing to cover up lack of exclusives,timed DLC should be banned anyway if you put out a multiconsole game all parties paid the exact same money for the game to get the same content....greed shouldnt come before innocent consumers interests

only way to put an end to timed DLC is for consumers to boycott certain games that do it.

anyway...gears 3 and maybe cryteks exclusive are a must me for me apart from that ps3 in my home is getting the most use this year

bring on twisted metal

thebudgetgamer3732d ago

i'm pulling for sony too win the solstice.

Solbadguy3732d ago

Yakuza 4, Portal 2, and ICO/SOTC are all on my day one list.

eterry3732d ago

man am i gonna go broke because of all the fantastic ps3 exclusives