LittleBigPlant 2 Level Creation Contest at DeviantArt

Sackboy and his friends are back in LittleBigPlanet 2, the most customizable installation in the series yet. Always wanted to create your own LittleBigPlanet level? Well now you can! DeviantART and Sony PlayStation are giving you a chance to flex your creative muscle and envision a level of your very own!

We’ll give you official assets from the game which you're free to either use in your entry or just use as inspiration. Whether your entry is completely digital, a clay sculpture, or even a collage from paper print-outs, the visual medium of your entry is up to you!

Levels will be judged on Creative Use of the Assets Provided, Sense of Fun, and Technical Skill. Don’t let Sackboy and his friends miss out on the awesome level you can create!

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MultiConsoleGamer3733d ago

Oh man, the floodgates are going to open.

Game of forever.

DORMIN3733d ago

It already has.

I've been playing some insane games already, plus a lot of test levels where Users are trying out things for their levels. I've tested the Portal Gun, an RPG, and an FPS.

Its unbelievable that Mm has made a game that gets better over time

Godmars2903733d ago

Not really certain if this is about making actual levels in the game, or making renditions of levels in the real world.

sobekflakmonkey3733d ago

its about art, and creativity, not exactly a bad thing, i think its pretty cool lol :P

lashes2ashes3733d ago

this is very cool and why i love lbp2

Godmars2903733d ago

Actually this sort of thing should have been happening w/LBP1 to promote higher quality levels.

At this point though LBP1 has generate enough of a sub-culture within the install base we'll probably start seeing semi-pros offering their talents for sponsored levels.