Dead Space Extraction Trophy List (Complete W/ Hidden Trophies)

With the PS3 remake of Extraction coming out next week, will you be man enough to platinum it?

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solidsnake2223731d ago

Mass Effect 2 until Tuesday, then it's time to start juggling!

MightyMark4273731d ago

Can't wait to use my ps move with this game!

Psychic_Waffle3731d ago

Hmm, I didn't know that Extraction had trophies.

Wondering if I should get a PS Move controller to play it now.

admiralvic3731d ago

It uses a dual shock 3, but its a Rail shooter like Time Crisis (which works the same) so you an try that demo to see if you think you can deal with the DS 3 with it, or want to step up to the move for this game.

Psychic_Waffle3731d ago

So the game can be played using only the DualShock 3? That's interesting.

I think I'll take your suggestion for now and try the Time Crisis demo. Thanks for the info.

dragunrising3731d ago

Perhaps I'm biased, but from personal experience, Move is quite fun when played with fps' and on-rail type games. You will miss out.

Now if only Dead Space 2 could be played with Move....

MightyMark4273731d ago

You can basically use a Dualshock 3 controller but its slow and not really good

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sparced3731d ago

How much is it going to sell for on PSN if it includes a Platinum trophy. I thought it would have been fairly cheap and only included a couple of bronze.

despair3731d ago

it comes in the PS3 Dead Space 2 game, I have no idea if its going up on the PSN but its free for all DS2 buyers.

sparced3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

It's only included with the collectors edition here in Europe. I don't know about other regions but the stadard edition doesn't have it that's for sure.

They said it would a PSN download before it was mentioned as being bundled.

DigitalRaptor3731d ago

That's not true.

All copies of DS2 on PS3 have Extraction included: Both the Limited Edition (which is the standard edition on PS3) and the Collector's Edition.

admiralvic3731d ago

Dont go off what the trophy count is, it changes a lot.

Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater is 3,000 yen (35+ usd) and has only 12 trophies.
Spelunker is 30+ in japan, and 10 in the US and has a plat.
Anarchy Rush Hour has a plat and costed like 7?
Call of Duty Classic is 15 with a plat
I can go on for a while longer but lets just leave it at this.

No official word yet though.

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The story is too old to be commented.