Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days for Xbox 360 only $14.99 with FREE SHIPPING at Amazon

Conflicting Gamers - "The first Kane and Lynch was very much a hyped game for the both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 (which you can pick up for only $12.00), however it never quite lived up to expectations. The second game was supposed to change all that and bring the series back up to acceptable levels. While it too never blew the doors off of the genre, it still fixed a lot of the problems the first one had, and a lot of people still enjoyed the single player, as well as the multiplayer thoroughly."

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Motorola3733d ago

Game isnt worth a cent imo. Terrible game

Hitman07693733d ago

I think this is one of those hate it or love it games, I haven't spent much time on it but I'm of the camp of hating it :(.

fromasterjay3733d ago

I heard there were some enjoyable parts...

Redlogic3733d ago

I regretably bought this game with some left over game credit from Amazon. I don't think I've been more off thinking I would like a game and being totally turned off by it. Just endless shooting, nothing else....terrible game, not worth $15

guitarded773733d ago

I scored it for $20 new on eBay a couple weeks after launch and I thought it was a good game at $20... I could see someone getting pissed at $60-30 range. The problem is the game is too short. The gameplay worked good for me, there were no noticeable problems with the game itself, just short... oh, and the freaky naked level. The online was different from everything else out there. At $15 I think it's a fun playthrough, but I see most don't like it... to each their own.

Motorola3732d ago

This game is garbage. You are tortured and run around naked shooting people. its sick and stupid. Way too much cursing too, havent heard so many f words since Scarface.

hikayu3732d ago

i got it for free from a friend who hated it so much he just threw it away and never wanted to see it again . i played it bcuz i wanted the achievement .
i ended up enjoying the game more than i thought i would . the mechanic was mediocre and the aiming system barely works . but there are some enjoyable moments and there's a few new stuff that's not found in other games . the best thing about have got to be the multiplayer . there are some mode in the game that's pretty fun and for the price of 20 , i think it's worth it . i can totally see people getting pissed buying the game at 60 tho.

TheDivine3732d ago

I personally loved this game. Great graphics, dark crime saga, good shooting mechanics, where else can you play a badass crime game like this. It was short but worth 15 bucks.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx3733d ago

Worth it tbh, For its price. Plus i can get some trophies

vgcgames3733d ago

Now this is a really good deal. this version was way beyond the first,a good buy for sure.

dgroundwater3732d ago

I liked the demo alot. It's a decent game with a very unique feel to the controls and visuals etc. I guess a cynic would say it controls are slippy, but i liked it fast and loose, it kind of goes with the 'crazy person' theme.

Yeah, a big step up for K&L. Not to mention the multiplayer was quite fun and different.

LMS3732d ago

picked it up for $5 on steam a few weeks back, one day i might play it, but so many games to catch up on, its not high on my priorities,to be honest I will probably play god of war 3 or the witcher again before i play this game, dead space 2, have not even touched vegas much, damn you starcraft 2, why must your multiplayer be so freaking fun??

... but k and l 2 seems worth 5-15 bucks no doubt.

creamsoda3732d ago

The game doesn't look too bad but I can't play it, just watching gameplay videos gives me motion sickness. :(

guitarded773732d ago

You can turn the camera to steady, so give it a go.