DamnLag - Why Was The 3DS Conference So Disappointing?

Josh writes: I’ve been pretty excited for the Nintendo 3DS ever since it was announced. “Finally,” I thought, “a Nintendo handheld on-par with the PSP graphically with a thumbstick!” With some sweet first party titles, a promise for a better online system and the intrigue of 3D without glasses, I was definitely ready for more info on the 3DS. Now that Nintendo’s 3DS conference is over, I’m crushingly disappointed.

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Jio3733d ago

Nintendo's conference was disappointing because they're keeping the best for last

Optical_Matrix3733d ago

I got what I wanted. Price and date, and confirmation of SSFIV being a launch title.

Kewl_Kat3733d ago

You know what, now that I think about it, there was never a fighting game on the DS... or at least a good fighting game. Street Fighter 4 on DS is very tempting.

CrescentFang3733d ago

Were the Bleach ones not good? (Gave an agree because I don't think many people play anime games, because most are bad lol)
Only Blade of Fate and Dark Souls were developed by Treasure. BoF is considered more balanced than DS, but DS, I think, it more fun and has more characters. Treasure made a Yu Yu Hakusho game on the Genesis (only in Japan). I read the bleach games were similar to it (that was like 15-19 years ago!) So Treasure has some credit with fighting games, but they're well known for shooters.
I only have BoF, but I have to say it is a pretty good fighting game, only that I suck at comboing, canceling moves and inputing them. Maybe I need a XL, (cause my hands are big).

firefoxprime3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

There is definetely a lack of fighting games on the DS. Fortunately there's a new DBZkai game releasing in February. Dragon Ball Ultimate Butoden. You know how at the end of a consoles life, devs are able to squeeze out its graphical capabilities?? Then watch this>>>

stragomccloud3733d ago

I'm thinking they should continue the regular DS too. I mean... does Pokemon really need a huge facelift? ....ok maybe. But still not every handheld game necessarily needs gamecube level graphics. Since the 3DS is backwards compatible it shouldn't be so strange for a lot games to be continued to be playable on ds and 3DS.

firefoxprime3732d ago

Honestly it really doesnt matter. As you've "hopefully" read, developers have the freedom to create graphical beasts like ResEvil:Rev, or MetalGearSolid:3D. They also have the freedom to create games that could still be sold at the $29.99 level. So not "every" 3DS game is going to tote super graphics.

stragomccloud3732d ago

Good point.
Still I wonder if a lot of parents will want to shell out 250 for their kids...

SnukaTheMan3733d ago

...200-150 was the magic price going to wait until I can get one at that price.

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