Conduit 2 Live Pre-Release Playthrough Stream

From Destructoid: "Destructoid Chill Bros have the exclusive pre-release, two months early for Conduit 2, one of Destructoid's most anticipated games for the Nintendo Wii in 2011. We will be playing the game live with SEGA and the developers of Conduit 2, High Voltage. Join us on Wednesday, January 26th at 3PM Pacific for this very special edition of Chill Bros live stream on Justin.Tv/Destructoid to win exclusive giveaways."

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MidnytRain3736d ago

They really should have chosen a box art that didn't look so generic. It gives the game a bad rep in that area.

ChickeyCantor3736d ago

To who?
The whiny Halo and Killzone lovers?

Its just mainstream stuff.

MidnytRain3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

To people who judge games before they see it. We both know it's wrong, but some people will take what they see and roll with it, regardless of if it makes sense. Also, not everyone reads about video games on the internet or in magazines, so that means there are a great amount of people who only have box art, the descriptions on the back of the box, and word of mouth to influence their purchases. We are a minority here on N4G, most players are not as informed as we are. The millions of people who buy Call of Duty every year are a great example.