DC Universe Online Patch 1.03 is Live – What it Fixed

Ripten Writes:

DC Universe Online servers were down for maintenance today and when they came back up players were treated to Patch 1.03. Patch 1.03 is a 122MB patch for the PS3 and PC designed to fix glitches and even out difficulties.

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CrzyFooL3733d ago

Good to see they are already patching it.

greeneggsnsam3733d ago

122MB is a lot, though. Shouldn't that have been in the final release?

Redempteur3733d ago

think it's a lot ?

it's actually quite small .. i remeber that 2gb file in the beta ...

Baka-akaB3733d ago

122 mb is not much for mmos

mrv3213733d ago

122MB a LOT! I'm sorry the ONLY time I consider if a download is worth my time is if it's over a 1 gig, MIN. I downloaded Half-life 2 demo because I wanted to see how it would run, that was 5 GIG and I played it once. Today I re-downloaded another Ubuntu distro, KNOWING perfectly well that I wont need it for the sole reason of atleast causing my ISP some more traffic.

I'm on a very small 1.2mb ( Not bits, bytes ) and even then data isn't a worry. EXCEPT FOR GAMETRAILERS, THEIR VIDEO EVEN SD TAKE LITRALLY 2 HOURS TO BUFFER 4 MINUTES OF VIDEO... WHERE ARE THEIR GOD DAMN SERVER, ARE THEY ON SOME DUDES LAPTOP IN SIBERIA WHO HAS A UPLOAD RATE OF 0.1MB/S? First I believed it was me, so I closed EVERYTHING, except Gametrailers, still wouldn't buffer, then I went, on youtube watch a SC2 replay in 1080p without a pause, went back to gametrailers to find my SD video had managed to buffer for like 20 second of actual video and just went on giantbomb.

tman6923733d ago

@mrv you don't say...:)

evrfighter3732d ago

they fix the glitched out triple damage gadget build?

nix3732d ago

mrv, GT's servers are at some places where PS fanboys can't reach. q;

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Kreyg3733d ago

Still need to pick this up

Hitman07693733d ago

Hell yeah, this game is great also by the way.

jay23733d ago

Good game, but not buying it, sorry I don't pay 3 times to play online, 'buy the game', pay net feeds, play online fee, pay xblg if its an xbox live got, wow 4 times, 2/3 of those times monthly for aspects of a game (actual game, monthly fee, xbobox live fee if need be?) No thanks.

jay23732d ago

True, but my wallet isn't. Money's ALOT more importent to me than games. And if people disagree with that then there's no hope for you.

Kon3733d ago

This is the size of PS3 updates? Wow...

maverick403733d ago

are you constantly trying to troll?

Kon3733d ago

No, i just didn't knew PS3 updates were so big. Is this trolling?

Baka-akaB3733d ago

It says it's the same size on pc as well , and it's fairly standard for a mmos ...

So understandably where is your point ?

3732d ago
HolyOrangeCows3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Trolling: The only winning move is...not to play.
How about a nice game of Chess, Kon?

Seriously, though, Kon; stop pretending to be ignorant to the fact that this is natural to MMOs. Go back to

Yeaaaaaaah, no. That video is referencing a movie called WarGames. I was referencing Wargames.

PixlSheX3732d ago


Nice "A day in the life of a turret - Portal" reference, mate.

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