OXCGN’s Steal It For 360? LittleBigPlanet 2 (PS3)


"Zoom forward to 2011, and we’re finally playing LittleBigPlanet 2 exclusive on the PS3. The original game was marketed simply as a platforming game.

This time, however, it’s marketed as a platform for games.

Not only does it succeed the original in every single way, it makes the original look bland and unattractive.

But is it a game that would have been great on the 360 too?"

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BadCircuit3733d ago

The article raises good points on the fact that Microsoft doesn't allow as much customization as the PS3 which is disappointing from an Xbox owner's perspective.

tdogchristy903733d ago

While I own both consoles and thus this doesn't effect me, I will say LBP sure is unique. Regardless of it you own both consoles or not, be a gamers not hater. .

Proeliator3733d ago

The article clearly praises the game, but you're making it seem like the author is biased, unless I'm not getting your viewpoint.

DatNJDom813733d ago

It's pretty sad when you write articles about stealing the competitions work instead of writing about how they can improve the xbox experience. It's easy really. Get a PS3 and enjoy all those games they want stolen.

gaminoz3733d ago

Yeah I think the fanboys need to actually READ the conclusion of the review.

It is a game that 360 owners would probably have loved to have, but I wasn't aware there were so many barriers for indies doing stuff on 360...

Proeliator3733d ago

Yep, MS is VERY strict on indie games and content. In all respect, Sony are the ones moving forward with indie support, NOT MS.

gaminoz3733d ago

I thought that with their XBLA stuff they were encouraging indies though?

Bigpappy3733d ago

@Proeliato: M$ were the first to have an indie channel on console. M$ has very heavy indie support. They probably have more indie games on the service right now than Arcade games. I have a lot of indie games as do many other 360 owners. Indie do make a lot of crap though.

To say: "Sony are the ones moving forward with indie support, NOT MS." is not supported by the facts.

kudakadere3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

I wouldn't say MS is too strict on Indies since an indie developer wanted to bring out a boob touch game on kinect which was meant to gather the wider casual gamers community , i can imagine someones mum starting the game up incidentally. The orquadness

schommerc3733d ago

@BigPappy: bubbles for sound logic.

I would argue that, in the past, Sony has done a better job supporting indie developers and bringing them on-board; however, the indie channel for M$ was quite progressive and I'm sure the playing field is much more level than it appears.

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gorebago3733d ago

I was able to use my own laptop hdd on the ps3. I had to buy an expensive ms brand hdd for my xbox.

I can copy files off of my server (music, movies, etc). I can only read them on the xbox.

Basically I can make the ps3 my own device rather which I can't do with the xbox.

blumatt3733d ago

Yeah it's definitely nice not to have to buy proprietary hard drives. It's a lot cheaper to buy a HDD for the PS3 than 360. On topic, I love LBP2! Millions of games for $60. It's a bargain really.

gorebago3733d ago

I love it too. Bought a 320hdd for 40 on the ps3 vs the 250hdd for 150 on xbox.....

iamnsuperman3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

640GB for my PS3 and i think it cost me around £60. Makes being a PSN+ subscriber much easier

FACTUAL evidence3733d ago

yeah lbp is teh shiz yo! I have 72% of the trophies already lol.

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stonecold33733d ago

the 36o couldnt handle lbp2 peace out ?

Kon3733d ago

Ok, now you're going to say thet LBP2 is a graphical masterpiece.

kudakadere3733d ago

Ps3 can't handle GT's best graphics - Kirby's Epic Yarn , Naughty Dog say wah , wii has NO limits

Chug3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

What did you just say?

Edit: My eyes are still crossed, wtf was that?

Edit 2: LMFAO!! Now it's all coming together... Nice video d00d, it makes about as much sense as your comments here on N4G.

Dark_king3733d ago

@Kon There is far more then graphics as a reason the 360 couldn't handle LBP2.The shear amount of data being processed would be the biggest issue.The LBP2 engine really pushes the CPU hard.The 360 could handle the graphics minus the MLAA,its level size,lighting,physics,sound that would be the thing the 360 couldn't handle.I mean sure it could handle each alone but the entire load it couldn't.

zeksta3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Possibly a new size/fitting for gamers? 36oBese.

DigitalRaptor3733d ago

Microsoft wouldn't allow a game as open as LBP on their platform. Would anyone expect M$ to offer endless amounts of free and constantly updated and evolving content?

Proeliator3733d ago

Precisely why Team Fortress 2 on consoles died... which is a shame; I wish console owners got to experience that like the PC version.

NegativeCreepWA3733d ago

That's not true a game like LBP would be allowed on Live. Theres a difference between mods and user generated content and mods are the only thing not allowed on Live. Theirs already games with user generated content on the 360, just nothing on the same scale as LBP. Halo has the forge, FarCry has a map editor, Forza has the custom cars, Trails has custom tracks, You can share stuff in Create.

Its not that its not allowed, it's because no one has done it yet.

NegativeCreepWA3733d ago

Anyone care to tell me how I'm wrong? Oh wait, you cant without making something up like the guy above me.

Troll_Police3733d ago

We're going to see a lot of these "steal it for 360" articles this year. Doesn't hurt for them to dream I guess.

StarScream4Ever3733d ago

If it does come to 360 I'd expect those free contents to be nickel and dimed.

NegativeCreepWA3733d ago

You talking about all those costumes Sony already charges for?

NegativeCreepWA3733d ago

I've noticed no ever complains about LBP or MNR milking outfits. Funny thing is we all seen videos of the Metal Gear LBP content months both before the game released and no one complained about paying for it a few months after release. I guess its only wrong when MS sells something.

StarScream4Ever3733d ago

Hahaha. I refer to the user created content. Not to mention mostly gold users would be the ones using the content creation.

Kon3733d ago

You hit the nail on the head .

NegativeCreepWA3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

In that case I've never had to pay for forge maps and game types, custom cars in Forza, or any other piece of user generated content on the 360.

Just pointing out how one sided things are around here. MS does something there evil, Sony does the same thing no one cares.

awesomeperson3733d ago

The thing is that they are entirely optional. Costumes do NOT affect the gameplay at all, only the look of the game. You are not forced to buy them, and occasionally, for special events, free costumes are given out (like the Saktue of Liberty costume).

I'll admit I have bought some costumes (the Kratos costume was just badass) but hey for a game as awesome as Little Big Planet, why not :D

FrankMcSpank3732d ago

At NEgativeCrpeeWA

user generated content doesn't cost anything. Plus MM gives away more stuff than you could imagine. Also, even though you can't keep prize bubbles from levels you don't own, you will be able to play on any of them you are invited to and are able to play any levels/games using those item when you are online. Also you technically get them stored, and have them to use personally when you decide to purchase. Try playing on a map made of content you don't own on the 360...not happening.

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