Halo 4 a Possibility? Rumors and Facts Explained

Glood TV saw this video the other day, and they thought it did a great job analyzing the Halo 4 situation, so they contacted the guy who made it, Ray Thompson, to see if they could help spread this information.

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Warprincess1162825d ago ShowReplies(7)
Schism202825d ago

Yea I agree Halo reach was a great Halo game, and should b the last. MS needs to start a new franchise already.

m232825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Screw that, lol. I love Halo games, I don't need one this year or even next year, but I want to continue Master Chief's story. Microsoft would be idiots to stop making such a highly successful game.
But I agree that they need to introduce some new IPs.

RockmanII72824d ago

Halo is the face of Xbox, its going to be around for a long time. The day that MS confirms they will not make another Halo game is the day that Mario and Sonic also retire.

femshep2824d ago

If and when there is another halo game it wont be for but Halo (place subname here).

its like saying the lord of the ring TRILOGY is gonna have a forth book trilogy is 3

but a spin off halo is very plausible

also we can easily say this about God of War....when is 4 coming out?, when is $ony gonna stop milking it?

Darkfiber2824d ago

Except Sony hasn't made a bunch of spinoffs of God of War...oh wait yes they did.

KotC2824d ago

LOL there like 9 SOCOM games and 25 SingStar games. Shhh... don't tell Sony fanboys this they actually believe Sony wouldn't do that even though every game comming out for the PS3 this year has a number in the title.

Cajun Chicken2824d ago

A Halo game with Master Chief never fails to deliver. Problem is, that planet...should it be Forerunner related? Who would the enemy be? Are we tired of the Flood?

Anyway, Halo 4 shouldn't simply be called Halo. It should go under something else, due to the lack of Halos after the last game.

And yeah, i enjoyed Reach, but boy, ODST was just shameful filler.

femshep2824d ago

well techincally if they decide to continue the story line the flood are gone...the covenant is disbanded.......and the conclusion to the book Ghosts of Onyx gives leway for more, my best guess if that planet is Onyx and your gonna see the remaining spartan 3's and some sort of new enemy

jerethdagryphon2824d ago

that could work cause ghosts also has the last surviving members of masterchiefs squad along with the feew spartan 3s who survivived i think its kelly and linda who are with doc hasley

vishant1012824d ago

i liked odst it was awesome i completed in 3 hours but i thought i did get my moneys worth

SixZeroFour2824d ago

i completed it in 8/9 with 4 player legendary coop, then played some more for the achievements, audio logs and firefight...i thought i got my moneys worth (even with the mythic 1/2 maps that i didnt buy but got with odst)

DaBadGuy2824d ago

That's what I've been saying.

Who the hell are we gonna be fighting?

Yes we're tired of the flood and the covenant war is over so it has to be either Forerunner related or a completely new enemy.

Reach was good and I agree with you about ODST, horde mode was fun for about 2 or 3 games but then got boring and the campaign was meh.

Darkfiber2824d ago

Oh who gives a shit.

But seriously, of course they'll make another Halo, it makes money, why wouldn't they? I thought it was going to be an MMO.

tmoss7262824d ago

There was a time when a Halo MMO was gonna be made.

SixZeroFour2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

id hate for it to be that kind of mmo (looks like WoW and wouldnt work for halo cause there is no magic in the universe) id like it to be an mmofps/rts like MAG where its marines vs covenant with halo reach's "invasion" like gametype (attack and defend)

Darkfiber2824d ago

If that's real that looks terrible. No one would ever play that.

tmoss7262823d ago

Uh it was only a concept and I don't think it really made it out of pre-production. If it even got there. Plus this was before Halo 3.

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