Top 5 Things You Don't Know About the Nintendo 3DS

Well, maybe you know about them if you have been following the most recent Nintendo 3DS news, but let’s see which are the most important “hidden” Nintendo 3DS features

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chadley2879d ago

Want... this... so... bad

SonyNGP2879d ago

It comes out on my pay day :D

xino2879d ago

which means you have bills to pay!

meanwhile we will be getting this for free...
oh wait...i need to buy this first before getting free games:P

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

CDbiggen2879d ago

@xino For free? Have I missed something here, do tell.

Joni-Ice2879d ago

Yeah my stepdaughter wants one too. Im waiting for the PSP2 myself.

ryan_s2879d ago

am gonna wait and see if there is going to be any good exclusive RPGs first before i buy it

TABSF2879d ago

Multitasking and Tag mode I'm sure is common logic heard of this weeks ago

I'm most impressed with the multitasking feature, really really really cool.

browngamer42879d ago

Multitasking ftw! Had heard somewhere else they took pictochat out..glad to see it came back!