Oni Akuma Surfaces in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

From Eventhubs: First footage of Oni Akuma and Evil Ryu in SSF4 AE, plus details and screenshots.

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anasurimbor3739d ago

The YouTube user is uploading multiple videos of gameplay with both Oni Akuma and Evil Ryu right now.

Ve3tro3739d ago

So will these come to console versions eventually or only exclusive to Arcade?

anasurimbor3739d ago

I'm sure they'll come to the console versions along with Yun and Yang via DLC eventually.

Ve3tro3739d ago

Ok, cheers for the pics btw.

FiftyFourPointTwo3739d ago

I wanted Rolento to be in but Oni sure does look interesting to me.

josephayal3739d ago

i want Captain Sawada,scorpion and chuck norris in SSF4 AE

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