Gaming Truth - DC Universe Online Review

DC Universe Online is a blast to play, and if you’re an MMO first-timer you’ll find this game much more fun than others. This plays like an action-adventure game more than a standard fantasy MMO. Comic book fans and fans of the DC universe will fall in love with this game within minutes of playing - excerpt from Kyle Spencer-

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schommerc3733d ago

Good Review. The author is straightforward about the strengths and flaws of the game, instead of tiptoeing around the subject like most others. Not a comic buff but sounds worth a try.

xbladereaperx3733d ago

very nice review look like im buying to games this month. Dead space n DC

spektical3733d ago

heard its really great, but the monthly subscription plus 60$ is not doing it

Agheil3733d ago

What 60 psn is free????

JoeReno3733d ago

He means the 60$ retail price, and the 15$ a month subscription fee.

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