Gran Turismo 5 Gets Incredible Discount While Supplies Last

Ladies and gentleman, get ready to save big when purchasing a fresh new copy of Gran Turismo 5 for the PS3. Right now you can get GT5 for only $44.99 with free shipping. It's not sure how long this will last.

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SpLinT3737d ago

15 dollar discount .ooooo!!! Ill consider it when its 20 bucks. Im waiting for the next Burnout as long as its not open world

kingofps33737d ago

Ads and such discount stuff should not be submitted on N4G under "news". Its bs.

MAJ0R3737d ago

why did u guys approve spam?

bobrea3737d ago

$15 is hardly incredible. The extreme use of hyperbole in gaming journalism seriously needs to stop. I rage at almost every article title on this website.

showtimefolks3737d ago

and one of the best purchases of 2010 games wise

at 44 any sim racing fan should get this for sure

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