GamesRadar : Nintendo 3DS updated Hands-On

Our initial reaction to the 3DS was nothing short of masturbatory. We raved about the E3 reveal, we went nuts over the still-mysterious Snake Eater teaser and then named the unit one of 2010’s brightest moments. So yeah, we were excited to spend some quality time with the hardware and its “launch window” games at Nintendo’s US/UK press events this week. Three GR editors (Justin, Matt and Brett) have since spent several hours with the machine and its lineup, and came back with tempered expectations. Read on to find out why.

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Jio3739d ago

The 3DS is like every system. It has its ups and downs

stuntman_mike3739d ago

I feel there's a lot of hate for the 3DS at the moment and feel like the only person excited to get one lol.

StbI9903739d ago

Maybe cus it takes the gimmicky tech most techy guys hate into the hot topic? nah, haters gonna hate, I want one indeed, not for the 3D which seem hurtful for my future xD, but more do want an psp2, damn it/

TruthbeTold3739d ago

I don't agree with the bit about 'Developers being forced to develop in 3D'. Iwata said that Developers can choose whether or not they want their game to feature 3D. I imagine that we'll see plenty of classic view games on the system.