TVG: LittleBigPlanet 2 Review

While LittleBigPlanet 2's main campaign is something of a disappointment, there's no denying the impressive scope of the new creator. Media Molecule has provided gamers with a formidably deep tool-set that still manages to be fairly accessible, which is fortunate really as it's almost entirely down to the users to create compelling experiences this time around.

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BLACKBOIJONES3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Get ur guns and bullet proof vest ready...They is going to b a war.

First to attack------> sony fan boys

To defend ------> Gamers who dont care about review scores

To keep the war from peace------> 360 fan boys

TheShow013733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

where's the war ? now don't you look like a dumbass

nobody cares .... I bought the game and I couldn't care any less what people think about it, saw the trailer, gameplayer ... loved it ... bought it .... I dont give a shit what a review has to say ... sigh ... really I think they should get a NORMAL job ...

what's your professiion ? I praise or bitch about video games ??

FrankMcSpank3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

I wouldn't call the campaign a disappointment...