G4TV: Homefront Multiplayer Preview

Regardless of whether fiction mirrors life or life mirrors fiction, there’s no denying that the story of THQ’s upcoming FPS, Homefront, feels eerily predictive. As U.S. tensions with North Korea continue to escalate, writer John Milius’ vision of an America invaded by Korean forces in the wake of a massive EMP attack seems no further from fact than from fantasy.

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zeksta3732d ago

Homefront comes from the Previous Developers of Battlefield 2 so it should be pretty damn fun to play with the elements they've added.

Also, is it me, or is the reviewer completely CoD Fascinated, he mentions Call of Duty at least 7 times during that preview, then he goes on to say how similar the game feels to a single player mission on Call of Duty MW2...

Either way, all in all, this game should be a pleasing relief to those who have wanted a all out war with 32 players and dedicated servers, this might hold up till BF3 is announced ;D

Holeran3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

To not think of CoD in a first person article at this point in time is pretty much criminal. Even though everyone wants to get away from the overall feel of CoD no company has been able to pull completely away from it and satisfy everyone who plays FPS. You have to at this point at least give a nod to CoD in pretty much any FPS in order for it to transmit into sales. This will change in the future but maybe not anytime soon. Not saying it's a terrible thing right now but it definitely could be a more matured CoD experience and WOW some people.

SpitFireAce853732d ago

I hope this game is good as it seems to

MARKUS_MAX1MUS3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Played the alpha code.

Its good but the movement is to slow/sluggish but then again that was just an alpha and im sorry but these people at G4TV are retards and not true gamers.

I seen COD mentioned about 4 times in the article, why?

THese idiots put COD as a benchmark? why do journalists do this? they are idiots! If anything COD took from Medal of Honor and the first battlefield more than anything.

Its referred to as a benchmark shooter by the media despite not having anything innovative about it and the base gameplay being very simple and not impressive at all.

This game does have some great elements of what ive played.

3732d ago