What Does Steam Coming to PS3 Mean For PC and PS3 Gamers?

RipTen: "I’ve never been a fan of Steam, but I understand why others like it: Instant updates, community support, digital sales, and a profile space for achievements and friends. You know, it’s Xbox Live for PC gamers … but it’s free."

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CrzyFooL3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Let me be the first to say. What it means for me is that my Xbox 360 is all but useless now.

Hear me out. I'm a PC gamer. However, I AM a gamer nonetheless and I have owned nearly every gaming console since the NES simply because I love to play all types of games. However - being a PC Gamer - Steam is my social gaming platform of choice. (I own over 100 full retail games on Steam)

Although I have always been fond of my PS3 - especially with the recent and soon to be released exclusives in the works - I felt it was always missing the user friendly social aspect of Steam or Xbox Live. Well, now that Steam is coming to PS3 - that is no longer the case.

Other than the few Xbox exclusives coming this year that I am interested in (Gears 3, Forza 4) I really have no reason to use my Xbox anymore. I don't need it to play DVD's (and it can't play Blu Rays) I don't need it for Netflix - and now my PS3 will link into my social gaming platform of choice - Steam.

So, as a PC gamer - what this means for me is that my PS3 is now my console of choice.

Sorry for the wall of text - but this is kind of a big deal to me.

Hitman07693734d ago

Wow strong words but very true.

UnSelf3734d ago

how can you not love Sony?

AntoineDcoolette3734d ago

I reserve my love for friends and family.

Ninferno3734d ago

and not for videogames? that's crazy.

evrfighter3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

wow this whole comment section is jumping the gun. All you're getting is cloud saved games and automatic patch updating is all.

This is like reading what you'd do if you won the lotto. Not gonna happen.

I foresee some major disappointment in the near future here.

NegativeCreepWA3733d ago

We get more text chat options, oh joy. How about some more voice chat options already?

thehitman3733d ago

you missed being able to play xross platform ps3 version of the game enables pc versions no additional charge and full integrated steam community support.

Anon19743733d ago

Excellent post. I welcome Steam to the PS3 with open arms, and I'm in pretty much the same boat. The last games I played on my 360 went like this. Halo 3, Gears 2, Fable 2, Halo Reach - and next up is Gears 3. After that, I see no reason to turn on my 360 again. It's loud. It's unreliable and everything I want to play is on the PS3.

Steam coming to the PS3 is just another nail in the 360's coffin for gamers. It's another way the PS3 is leaving the 360 in the dust. It's kinda said because back in 2007 the 360 gave me some great gaming moments, but it's just not keeping up with what I want from a gaming console.

Sarcasm3733d ago

Sadly the only reason I use my 360 now is for Kinect and Dance Central. Still waiting for another title to actually use it for.

(Same goes for the PS Move, haven't touched it in awhile either)

So far I have migrated to mostly PC gaming. But it's great that there's finally some cross-platform gaming starting with Portal 2.

And it's Ironic that the two FREE services Steam and PSN is allowing this.

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Agent-863733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Well said, indeed. I'm a PC/PS3 gamer already and Steam coming to the PS3 is great news. 2011 is going to be a crazy good year with all the great shooters coming for the PC and the Sony's excellent lineup of PS3 exclusives. My wallet is certainly going to hurt.

Motorola3733d ago

I thought it was just steamworks. At least thats what I have heard on this site

The_Nameless_One3734d ago

I'm gonna call it now. By the end of this year there will be a steam version for the PS3 and you'll be able to buy PS3 games on it.

ct033734d ago

As if Sony would allow that.

The_Nameless_One3733d ago

They allowed steam to be integrated into a PS3 game (something MS will never ever allow) this far so why not?

Why do you think Gabe and Valve who were notoriously known for their extreme anti PS3 POV are all of a sudden supporting the PS3 in this capacity? If not a PS3 Steam can take a huge load off of Sony. It is going to happen. you'll see.

Dac2u3733d ago

As much as I want it to happen, I think you're dreaming. Steam competes with PSN, so I can't see Sony giving Valve the go ahead on this. My guess is that Sony lets the social and update aspects of Steam take place, but not the sales portion.

femshep3733d ago

well sony dose have this thing out for people who dont have internet
ie:psp go download only and it failed

Mmmkay3733d ago

just like hulu, vudu, netflix etc are all competing with the psn video store...

Pillage053733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

I don't get it...what would really be the point of the full steam client where you could buy games. Don't get me wrong i like the automatic updates/cloud saves BUT...steam doesn't carry ps3 games and any game that was made for digital distribution is going to go up on the psn store. I don't see why sony would give up a portion of the sales profit by allowing them to sell games through a different provider.

Signing in and using chat options would be cool but I don't think it would work with every game considering it's going to take up some system resources so it's not likely that every game would be able to use them. I really don't think this is going the way some of you guys think it is.

edit: I guess I just don't see where this is going any where besides games that are made by valve. I forgot to add the cross play between pc and ps3 is big step for consoles though. I hope more games in the future will do this.

Persistantthug3733d ago

Notice that PSN has Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, LoveFilm (UK), VidZone (Europe), Mubi (Europe), and a host of other video purchasing and rental services latched onto PSN, even though Sony has their own movie services?

Basically, Steam/Steamworks is being set up to do something like that....a service-portal that's going to be geared one day to bring STEAM games and content to the PSN.
If you think of PSN as only a game service, then that's where you might misunderstand Sony's intentions here. Sony's trying to transcend just games...they want everything to go through them, Games, music, movies, TV, books....everything they can get. Sony's not only trying to match Apple's Itunes, they are trying to go beyond its reach. That's why they are trying to put PSN into TV's. Next they will have it in Cell phones, Walkmen, and even Car Stereos....pretty much everything they make, and even some things they don't.

Sony doesn't need Valve, but they'd be a great business partner to push their agenda. That's why Valve's Steam/Steamworks (or whatever you want to call it) is coming.

JackBNimble3733d ago

If Valve is going to put the effort into steam on the PS3, then I would expect more games from valve to also come to steam/ps3, I would also expect all valve games to be cross-platform aswell.

The one thing that I am sure will not happen , is valve selling other ps3 games on steam.

The only thing (IMO) that steam is going bring to the PS3 (and I do believe it is still ground breaking) is control to valve to bring free updates and dlc aswell as cross-platform gaming.

Persistantthug3733d ago

Do you really think Valves doing this big network endeavor all for fun & games? Really?

When will it happen? I don't know. Might be this gen...might be the next. But what I do know, is Sony just gave Valve a "front row booth" to sell their wares, just like Netflix, Mubi, Vudu and all the rest of the stuff that's here now, and stuff that's coming.

If you still doubt...then simply ask yourself, WHY NOT?

Disccordia3733d ago

I think it's further away than you think, but it's something I've been thinking about ever since Valve announced this at e3.

I'm thinking that maybe by the time the PS4 come around, that Steam might well replace PSN entirely. This way, you'd have one account for PC and PS3 gaming.

- Get rid of trophies and replace with Steam achievements.
- Get rid of PSN friends list and replace with the Steam list. If anyone has ever used the steam friendslist, they'll know it's the best solution. Unlimited friends, can join big groups (ie. you can join an N4G group and everyone here would show up on that section)
- Get rid of the PSN store and have a PS3 section on steam. It's pretty messy to be honest and little things annoy me, like the lack of descriptions/details on items. If I find a game on steam or XBL its way more consistent and informative.
- Much like the new Mac area of the steam store, you'll find that some devs will look at old PC game and port them to the PS3 store. How can more games ever be a bad thing?
- Cross game chat (finally!) with PC/Mac/PS3 users.

People would say Sony would lose money, but they would still make some money through the steam store, PS Home, etc. plus the money they currently lose on servers would no longer be there.

This is just my opinion and I don't mean to sound like I feel the PSN isn't good, but I think the above would be a perfect situation for me personally and I think it COULD be the way forward.

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Masterchef20073734d ago

wow you certainly made a good point. Shame that some ppl will flame you for speaking the truth

Dante1123734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Edit: Nvm, I know what Steam is and offers now. Looked it up. It seems pretty cool.

Instantly access your favorite games
Steam Community (Meet up with friends, connect with groups of similar interests, and host and join chats, matches, and tournaments)
Chat with your friends while gaming (Cross game chat)
Automatic game updates
Steam-only special offers

7bitarcade3734d ago

I bought a ps3 a year ago as it was more of a media centre than the xbox could ever be, but now with this announcement, it could slowly start to move past the Xbox on the gaming states. If only the PSN was as good AS XBL.

RedDevils3733d ago

it's already better than XBL, the only thing that XBL had that PSN doesn't is the cross game chat, which is the most lamest feature

BeOneWithTheGun3733d ago

@reddevil. No, its party feature. not bein able to run with just my friends really sucks. having to listen to little timmy scream in falsetto really sucks.

7bitarcade3732d ago

the only reason i say XBL is ahead of PSN is due to the video content that it can provide, and the advantage of having sky player. However it's main problem is that it is all for paying customers, unlike PSN which is free to start with, unless you get Playstation Plus, which apart from the killzone 3 advance beta, hasn't really shown its worth.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Now looks like Valve will treat the PS3 as a PC Platform with one of the best top services for PC Gamers:

Cross Platform Play/Chat with PC and MAC users (with add ons, DLC free, Automatic Updates, Cloud service, Connectivity experience and more stuff)

For $49.99 per year on PSN, oh wait, this is a FREE TOO!

supremacy3734d ago

thats because they are given that freedom and privileged to do so. Sony in this regards is smart and by the looks of it are willing to do anything to try and get as many people as possible on their platform.

Even if that means getting help from somewhere else.

LightofDarkness3733d ago

Cross-platform play against PC gamers? Good luck with that if all you've got is a DS3.

DigitalAnalog3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

It's not all FPS, you know.

-End of Line

TheGameFoxJTV3734d ago

You only have two bubbles...did the Xbox fanboys kill them, and nor reply since your logic is 100% fullproof?

dukenukemisyourgod3733d ago

i have 3 gaming pc's ps3 and xbox360.

xbox360 the hardware is better it's just the software support sucks.

in reality it's actually better than ps3 it's a fuckin shame the console has no fuckin exclusives to show off it's fuckin hardware.

Motorola3733d ago

You joined yesterday to say that? 3 PCs, xbox AND ps3? Then you should know what your talking about but you clearly do not. Hardware is better? I dont know graphics wise for sure but Blu-ray > DVD storage wise and quality wise

MysticStrummer3733d ago

Wow... a person whose name makes reference to a game I have no interest in loves a console I also have no interest in. There are few people left in the world who would claim that 360 hardware is better than PS3's without laughing at their own silly and inaccurate statement. Go ahead and claim XBL's social aspects are better than PSN's because that's what the 360 has left to crow about. You'll notice I said social aspects, not gaming. If the whole Steam experience comes to PS3, you won't even have that much to talk about anymore. PS FTW again, sales be damned.

BubloZX3733d ago

lol. look I love the 360 and all but the only thing doing it for the box is XBL. The hardware has been outdated sind 2007. Halo Reach despite the time frame isn't even better than KZ2. Forza 3 and gears look good but they've been beaten for a while now.

SuicideShaun3733d ago

Dude not even being a fanb*tch here. But you can not say the xbox has good hardware. You just can't. Not even worth going into detail...

nskrishna23733d ago

Xbox 36 hardware is better?

k...if you say so

jneul3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

the reason why it has no games to show its prowess over ps3 because simply put it is not better end of argument, you need to learn more about how the ps3 works to even begin to understand, several games on x360 was meant to prove it was better than ps3 and guess what x360 can't do 720p and mlaa (equivalent of 16xaa) at 60fps, the best it has gotten is 4xaa and that was on a resolution lower than 720p, both gears of war and alan wake was ment to prove the 360 had it yet they failed, meanwhile uncharted a ps3 exclusive from 2007 still looks better and runs better than all xbox exclusives and any multiplatform game out there made, ps gow iii now holds the gfx crown and the next one to take it will be a another ps exclusive and not gears 3, the only way that thing will look good is on pc
stop being in denial dude, xbox is using old limited pc architecture and dvd as a medium of storage, you may as well have a wii, even that has more games for it than x360 this year

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Agent-863733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

@CrzyFool, nice post and well said. Even before Steam coming to PS3, I always thought that the PC and PS3 make a great combo. When Steam gets fully integrated with the PS3, then the PC/PS3 combo will the best in gaming.

Nathaniel_Drake3733d ago

I thought I was the only one who thought the PS3/PC was a great combo, guess I was wrong

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BattleAxe3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

I too am a STEAM/PS3 user, and I have around 50 games on my STEAM account. These days I am more likely to buy certain games on STEAM, but the PS3 has some of my favorite games that can't be played anywhere else. This article fails to speak of the benefits to Sony's platform as I believe they are just as big for the PS3.

PC gamers who don't know much about Sony's exclusive games like God of War, Socom, Killzone, Uncharted, Gran Turismo, Resistance, Modnation Racers and Little Big Planet, and who don't know about things like HOME and some of the MMOs that are on or comming to the PS3 like MAG, Everquest, FreeRealms, DC Universe Online and The Agency might be tempted to buy a PS3. Also once people start to make friends during cross-platform play, that might entice many PC gamers to buy a PS3 so they can play games with their PS3 friends. The benefits go both ways.

You never know how far this STEAM/PS3 relationship might go. Sony Online Entertainment might offer people who buy their games on STEAM, 30% off or whatever percentage you like, off of certain PS3 exclusive games which would be in somewhat of the same spirit of Valves " Buy the PS3 Portal2 and get a free STEAM copy". Personally I'd like to see Sony take things a step further and offer exclusive PS3 games like Resistance: Fall of Man, exclusively to STEAM on PC.

smoothdude3733d ago

I hope that it is not a PSN+ only feature. If it is you bet more people will be getting + :)

ChrisW3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

I thought PS3 fanboys loathed Gabe Newell... You guys are a bunch of turncoats!

ChrisW3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Seriously! About this time last year, every PS3 owner "HATED" Gabe Newell!!! He laminated the PS3 as "useless." Now that STEAM may be supporting PS3, everyone loves the idea??? Think about it!!!

BigPenguin3733d ago

I'm sorry? Are we politicians? Refusing to change our minds in light of new evidence? Gabe was a dick to PS3 = we hate him. He says he is sorry, and starts working with them = we still hate him???

Hating a guy for realizing he was wrong, and taking steps to rectify it does not make much sense to me.

ChrisW, I am not sure what you are trying to get across with your comment. You are absolutely correct about us changing our minds, however you are the only one who thinks that is a bad thing.

Bolts3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Wait a minute. You just realized that now? I thought most PC gamers generally own a PS3 as their console machine, it just make so much more sense to play the multiplats on the PC and the exclusives on the PS3.

Maybe it's just me but I realized this two years ago when my Xbox went RROD.

TheIneffableBob3733d ago

The Steam service is not coming to the PS3, but rather a subset of the features from the Steamworks API. There's actually quite a big difference between the two.

disturbing_flame3733d ago

Convergence of medias, Steam is taking advance because they know the fight is gonna be strong on the next gaming platforms, Sony and Microsoft must adapt, Sony seems more flexible now, but i think microsoft can't deny a solid business partner like Steam.

I think there was lot of hatred against Sony in the beginning of this generation, but they keep doing a solid work and some of their choices are definitly not so bad, free online, blu ray, first, second-studios party, they try to adapt with flexibility to the market, I think Steam is also smart and get new market with console gaming, it's a win win situation, a great news for gamers.

03213733d ago

Very well said my friend. Bubbles!

DirtyLary3733d ago

Agreed. Only have my xbox to check out gow3. nothing else i need to play on it, all the multiplatform games that are keeping it alive I can play on pc or ps3. PS3 has the better and exciting exclusives by far.

AKS3733d ago

I've been in the same situation. I so often read about the 360 versus PS3 faboy warz crap, but it was actually the upgrade of my PC that stopped me from using my 360. I'm going to buy a lot of the multiplatform stuff I used to buy for the 360 for my PC now, and often for bargain prices on Steam.

I don't dislike the 360 at all and will still play Gears and some other titles on it, but much of what I can get on the 360 is better and cheaper on PC, especially games like Mass Effect 2.

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Stunt3734d ago

It means cross-platform play.

xYLeinen3734d ago

It means cross over gaming. Which will be a HUGE step for the PS3. It depends how you look at it.

Some PC gamers will say that this is a bad thing while other will say it's a good thing because the Valve community will get bigger.

I'm positive that most PS3 users will say this is a great thing.

For me personally, this means I can play portal 2 with a few friends who play mainly on their PC.

256bit3734d ago

steam should enable m/k for ps3 then we have a huge leap in gaming.

sobekflakmonkey3734d ago

i dont know why valve hasnt thought about enabling mouse and keyboard for ps3, cause its possible, i remember Unreal Tournament for ps3 had mouse and keyboard support, and it was awesome, i think it would be a wise choice...too be honest, i dont see how it could be so hard...

sGIBMBR3733d ago

UT3 has M/K support on PS3? If so I deff want to try it!

MysticStrummer3733d ago

Sony enabled mouse and keyboard for PS3 at launch.

xAlmostPro3733d ago

PS3 already supports mouse & keyboard dude :) it's down to the developers to add the controls/support for them into the games.

256bit3733d ago

i said STEAM should enable m/k for this type of thing.

i know ps3 already supports m/k.. yes VALVE the developer should add the controls/support for them into the games.

Masterchef20073734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Cross game chat and cross platform chat. Be cool if it happens i dont see why it cant

supremacy3734d ago

That would be insane, and with a free network to boot it ill be hard to say no.

Masterchef20073733d ago

If that happens then it could be great to 360 owners. Maybe then XBOXlive will go F2P