Ubisoft 3DS boxarts

Ubisoft boxarts for Rayman 3D, Splinter Cell 3D, Driver Renegade, Ghost Recon, and more have been revealed.

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boogeyman9993731d ago

Rayman3D looks like a bad port.

dgroundwater3731d ago

Ubi is notorious for cash-in launch games. They might be doing Chaos Theory and Rayman a disservice here.

Dark_Charizard3731d ago

Raymon 3D's box art may not look great, but that doesn't say anything about the game itself.

And OT, Tom Clancy box arts look awesome!

dragunrising3731d ago

Rayman 3DS is supposed to be a port of the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2. It ran at 60 fps and still holds up. Unfortunately everyone remembers the N64 version or its DS port. If they use the analog stick and keep the fps at 60, you shouldn't have anything to worry about :-)

Kamikaze1353731d ago

Why are they bringing Chaos Theory to the 3DS and not the 1st two games first? It would make more sense if you ask me and cool to have the first three games on a portable system.

PSjesus3731d ago

Get ready for Ubisoft's shovelware tsunami.Waiting for imagine series

dragunrising3731d ago

What about Just Dance 1, and 2? Oh wait...dancing with 3DS in hand is probably not a good idea. You can bet that Ubisoft has thought about it though.

Ubisoft's mobile/handheld games are junk. I hope this changes in the near future.

littletad3731d ago

I have never in my life seen a console/portable supported this much in it's pre-launch phase. It's either, the developers knew the handheld would be successful, or they had the ds development kits long before any of us knew.

dragunrising3731d ago

DS anything prints money. I hope the games, for the $40-$50 price tag they'll command will be worth that much.

I'm usually an early adopter but even I'm turned off by the price tag. Nintendo usually means affordable. The Wii for example was $250 starting out, but multiple people could play. The perceived value of consoles is higher. I have no doubt it will sell, but its price is a little outside of its typical mass market audience.