December 2010 NPD Monthly Videogame Sales Figures and Analysis

Nintendo edges out Microsoft for December and the year in the U.S. videogame industry's final results for 2010. Full sales analysis by John Lucas.

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PlayerX3739d ago

Nintendo did great
Microsoft did good

IdleLeeSiuLung3739d ago

There is a reason why Nintendo reported their own numbers, MS reported their own numbers, but Sony kept mum.

Yeah, it appears Sony silenced NPD.

evrfighter3739d ago

2010 was supposed to be Sony's biggest year. I doubt they'll have a lineup like that again. To those interested in The sales race. The 360 is going to be the victor here.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with how much the ps3 sold. But still some people even despite what they say are looking at this a one wins one loses type of deal.

In case the ps3 fanboys haven't noticed it yet. I'm trying to console them (pun intended). Turn those frowns upside down and play some games :).

Biggest3738d ago

"2010 was supposed to be Sony's biggest year. I doubt they'll have a lineup like that again."

You mean like 2011, which is bigger and better in almost every way? Oh, okay. Sure. Sony's line-up will never be greater than it was in 2010. Repeat it 10,000 times and it may come true for you.

IdleLeeSiuLung3738d ago

We have heard that line every single year:

"20xx is going the be Sony's year."

Just replace xx with any digit starting with 08.

I'm sure 2011 will be the year finally. /s

Seijoru3739d ago

...provided amazing exclusives for 2010 and secured a hardcore future for 2011 and thats all that matters.

siyrobbo3739d ago

sony did alright, MS were down yoy at the same point in its lifecycle too (2009 lower than 2008 sales in december)

MGRogue20173739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

I thought Epic Mickey wasn't selling at all...? Hmmm, Interesting.. Well I guess Wii gamers gotta' play something.. lol

Seferoth753739d ago

LOL No sales info was released to even give someone that impression. Considering Wii owners have DKC, Kirby, GoldenEye and Epic mickey it looks like they have plenty to chose from. At least more than that one system that got 1 racing game for the holidays.

The real killer3739d ago

So, all those give away Kinect is sales accoording to NPD.

caffman3739d ago

what give away kinects is that? Oh you cant answer

ReBurn3738d ago

2,688 out of millions is statistically zero. Microsoft gave away quite a few of them, no doubt. But we'll probably never know exactly how many.

k-dillinger3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

i wish people would shut up stating the ds will surpass the ps2 i call it desperate its a hand-held and they have what four different versions no it wont surpass it bc the ps2 is a console period Jesus... where did all these retarded Nintendo fan boys come from they need to crawl back in that ditch with the 64 & game cube where the ps2 & ps1 buried it at.

Seferoth753739d ago

Someone seems bitter. Maybe its time to get a real girlfriend and stop pretending Sony gives a damn about you. Take the Ken posters down, delete the pics of you and your PS3 from your facebook. Go out get a real girlfriend and then maybe pull your head out of your ass long enough to learn that a handheld is a console.

The only people desperate are kids like you getting PMS over your own simple minded theories on handheld consoles not being consoles any more because it takes away from the company you worship

SoapShoes3739d ago

I doubt it will... PS2 is still selling and the DS will end when the 3DS comes out.

Chaos693739d ago

Just like the PS2 "end[ed]" when the PS3 came out right?

kissmeimgreek3739d ago

says who? Pokemon B/W is coming out in March, Same time the 3DS is coming out. No one said anyone had to stop supporting it. Hell the ps2 still gets a few new games here and there.

ME19893738d ago


You're making fun of fanboys yet you're the biggest one of all, given your post.

thehitman3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Why it says Micheal Patcher next to Sony numbers?

Edit: lol @ disagress did i say something wrong?

ReBurn3738d ago

No, you're right. Pachter's name is next to the Sony numbers.

johnlucas3738d ago

Well Sony didn't officially announce their numbers like Microsoft & Nintendo did. Every report traced the quote backed to Michael Pachter so I used his name as the source.

This is the problem when NPD obscures the numbers like this. That's why I call the numbers "guesstimates" instead of "estimates" like I used to. We really don't know what's going on with sales outside of VGChartz so now I source who discussed their figures.

I used to say "NPD's Top Hardware Sales" & "NPD's Top Ten Software Sales". Now I have to say "NPD's Top REPORTED Hardware Sales" & "NPD's Top Ten COMBINED Software Sales" due to their changes. I'm really not liking NPD's lack of candor with the sales. Looks like they're trying to hide something.
John Lucas

thehitman3738d ago

Ty for a real response bubble.

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