The 2011 Finished Games Post – 1/22 | Alan Wake

The 1/22 edition of this year's Finished Games Post. Latest completed game: Alan Wake.

Continue into the article for the complete list and a synopsis of the latest game.

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Mcardle2827d ago

A classic in my eyes, not in everyones though.

KotC2827d ago

This game is creepy and has a great story

Kran2827d ago

There needs to be a sequel :(

Troll_Police2827d ago

It didn't sell so there will be no Alan Wake 2.

Kran2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

It sold nearly a million, so theres still a chance. And if Remedy learn by their mistakes (making sure it doesnt sell at the same time as a big release), then AW2 should be better sold