Kinect for Xbox 360 holds as top product at retailer

Sales for Microsoft Corp.’s Kinect for the Xbox 360 held as the top product this week at GameStop Corp.’s online division.

This week, Kinect ranked as the No. 1 best-selling product at

Kinect, which began sale Nov. 4, carries an MSRP of $149.99.

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deadreckoning6662879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Congrats to Microsoft. I don't c myself investing in this until it comes out on the PC...but M$ deserves every sale they get considering all the crap Kinect gt at E3. They basically flipped off all the naysayers. There were tons of people saying Kinect would flop, I was one of them(check E3 2010 Kinect N4G comments on the day of the M$ conference), but I was wrong.

Seijoru2879d ago

Well Kinect is still casual crap with a load of shovelware, just like the "naysayers" predicted. Kinect is easily a flop critically. MS just used that 500 million dollar budget to brainwash the media. They have convinced the whole Wii crowd to buy into their BS. The only positive applications of Kinect I have seen are on PC.

shadyiswin2878d ago

Kinect has the word of mouth momentum of an iphone,anyone who plays with it wants there own. It's critically acclaimed fanboy,the only knock people can say is it has shovelware blah blah blah i have 3 games for it and want one more shovelware doesn't effect people with common sense so i could careless. I love the games i have and can't wait for more :D

RememberThe3572879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

I still can't completely shut up about Kinect, though I have been pretty impressed with the camera itself. It's really going to be up to MS to show how it can be applied to deeper experience.

But as is, the strong sales of Kinect are good for the industry and great for MS. They haven't seemed to have much luck with trying new things and they seem to have won on their gamble with Kinect.

A little off topic, these stories are freakin pointless. punchjump keeps making these articles about single retailers and in the grand scheme of things they don't really matter. I mean, we can go onto the gamestop website and see this on their front page. The same thing with goes for when they post the Amazon sales ranking; they don't mean anything with out actual numbers behind them.

@Seijoru: I would wait to see with comes out in the future before saying that Kinect is only going to have shovelware. What we have seen running on PC can be applied to games on the console so we might be impressed in the future. But now, software wise, there is absolutely nothing that interests me.

Jaces2879d ago

If it can't play hardcore then it's doomed to have shovelware and follow the wii trend. The technology is far greater than other motion controls on the market but it's nothing but casual junk to me.

Show me something impressive.

KotC2879d ago

I thought Kinect would do ok, didn't think it would explode like it has.

ChristianGamer2878d ago

Top spot...not climbing, not rising, not top 10, not top 5, not top 3, spot. Numero uno. Top seller. Number 1. Above all else. Reigning champion. First place. Peak. Pole position.
Just wanna drill it in to all those naysayers like 1.1...your hate cannot stop kinect

SilverSlug2878d ago

And I don't know anyone that owns this...

Bigpappy2878d ago

You know me. I'm your friend.

Buffniceguy2878d ago

Who cares it has no games.

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