Talk to the Handheld

With the details of Nintendo's 3DS launch plans finally in the open, and the rumour mill building up to a potential unveiling of Sony's PSP2 before the end of next week - not to mention inevitable updates to Apple's iOS device line-up within the first half of the year, and yes, Sony's Xperia Play "PSP Phone" - there's no doubt that the focus of the games business is firmly on handheld hardware for 2011.

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Lord_Doggington2829d ago

I think the reason why handheld gaming isn't as popular is because the screen is smaller.

seinfan2828d ago

I don't like having to have my neck in a "looking-down" position for extended periods of time. Nor would I want to keep my arms up for extended periods of time to prevent me from looking down. Plus, the majority of games on handhelds aren't fun. I don't need a game on the go when I'm bored. I'm perfectly fine with listening to music on my iPod.

Blaine2828d ago

This article used A LOT of words to say VERY few things.

Actually, the only thing I found interesting in there was:

"If Nintendo or Sony is very clever, they'll recognise the value of [Apple's iOS] model and the potential for vastly enhancing their platforms' standing by tearing down many of the walls to access for developers, creating the same kind of environment and attracting the same kind of creativity which has proven so successful for Apple."

It's a good point. Sony's tried to copy Apple's models in the past (i.e.: music store), but they always fail because they try to keep too tight a grasp on it. But rather than trying to copy Apple's App store for games (which produces cheap titles anyway) I think Sony needs to bring the exact experience of the PS3's PSN Store to the PSP, and encourage devs like Q and ThatGameCompany to make games for it.

supremacy2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Why is apple even mention in the same breath as these two, yeah i get the whole casual market the whole 5 dollar games.

But traditional handhelds i feel have their own market which has nothing to do with apple or android for that matter.

People who play games on those devices are generally people who only play real short periods of times and not all the time are they looking for games.

The handhelds on the other hand are dedicated platforms that are associated with gamers everywhere.

Not to mention drive the market, the market is build around them because they are the market.

Those other companies don't even have franchises to speak off and their games migrate the handhelds anyhow.
I know there are people buying games for those machines, but again i hardly know anyone who has one and treats it like they would a handheld.
Instead mainly use it for other things like music, web browsing and calls, very social devices, not so much gaming devices.

Pumbli2828d ago

Thank you for this post. I agree with you 100%, you deserve some bubbles.

tubers2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I liked the article specially the point where it seems to imply that "small" games matter if they satisfy a decent chunk of a market. Apple is getting pretty good at this.

I don't think Apple is to be ignored in the handheld gaming section specially now.

It could become a scarier competition later on if they don't keep an eye on this company.

I know more people who'd rather have a touch than a PSP right now. Maybe not much if they'd start advertising the 3DS and PSP2 a lot already.

Masterchef20072828d ago

I am really excited for a handheld with an OLED HD screen. I am a huge fan of OLED tech.