Why You Shouldn't Pirate Games

Arthur Kabrick of gamrFeed looks at the history of video game piracy, the motivations behind it, and the reasons to not do it.

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smoothdude2879d ago

The whole argument is whether you are for or against piracy. I am against piracy, however, I never buy new games as they are just cheaper to buy them at a used game store.

There have been thousands of articles about piracy especially now that the PS3 has been hacked, however, if there is one thing that I know about piracy, these articles won't change their minds.

Dante1122879d ago

True, they don't care. They're gonna hack their Wii, PS3, Xbox360 regardless.

Dark_Charizard2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

You forgot PC games. And yes, I don't care :P

imvix2878d ago

I think the reason people are Pirating & renting games is because the prices of games these days are crazy.

60usd for a 5-6hour game is insane. I think if the Devs actually reduced prices down to 40usd, they would actually see better sales, the second hand and rental market would take a beating.

Ryudo2878d ago


You do know the game price around the world is way worse then the USA, I think that needs fixing before the USA gets a price cut not that game developers can afford to nowa days with games costing 20 million to develop.

imvix2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )


They got 3 platforms to develop for(PC, PS3, Xbox), thats over a 100million users.

Even if the game sales 5million units (which is low for 3 platforms combined), its still 250,000,000 million in sales (even if i take 50usd as average). that should be more then enough to make a good profit.

By charging higher prices they are infact encouraging Piracy, Second hand games and renting.

ally123452878d ago

i WISH games were only $60 here. in Australia you can pay up to (and sometimes OVER) $100 for games.
i've even seen years-old games still being sold for $100 in some stores. it's ridiculous.

jadnice2878d ago

Plus piracy is a huge reason why the 360 is selling so well in the USA, since its so easy to mod and pirate 360 games. So its generating sales for Microsoft as so many now have have two or even three of the system in their home.

jony_dols2878d ago

I both buy games and I pirate.
I'm a student and I cannot afford to buy every game I want to play, but whenever I have a cash surplus, I go straight to Gamestop and buy brand new.

I've bought 6 games this year new (most recently LBP2), and I have pirated 4.
I find the games I buy are more satisfying to play, maybe cause there is no guilt hanging over my head.

If I had the cash I would buy all brand new. Buying 2nd hand is only lining the pockets of game stores.

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N4GAddict2879d ago

people will always pirate

Shackdaddy8362879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Its funny cus most pirates think they got away with it but it usually takes a while until they actually get caught(could be 1 month, could be 20 years). So even though they have stopped, in 15 more years or so they will get a fine for a couple thousand dollars. Arrrg!

Shackdaddy8362878d ago

Two of my buddies got caught way after they pirated movies. One was 7 years and one was 3.

gravemaker2879d ago

whatever, i'll still pirate them.

jeeves862878d ago

I fucking hate pirates. Theft is theft, whether it's a tangible item or digital download. If you didn't pay for it when others had to, you shouldn't have it. The whole "games are expensive and I can't afford it" bullshit is just that. Can't afford it? Too fucking bad. Gaming isn't like eating, either - it isn't a necessity.

The people that state that they'll buy the game if they like it? Also bullshit, why not just rent the game first (if on console)? In the process you help companies like Blockbuster and Movie Gallery (oop, too late for Movie Gallery), and not just the people sitting at the top, but the person standing behind the counter.

Pandamobile2878d ago

I pirate games the same way people rent games.

There's virtually zero difference to be perfectly honest.

If you pirate a game, you don't pay for it.

If you rent a game, you pay a fee to the rental service, not for the product itself.

Mmmkay2878d ago

and you think the rental services pay $60 for the game... ? lol..

spdarksky2878d ago

Exactly. That's the point well said. But i don't understand why people still do not see the true picture of pirating and renting games.

For me there's simply no difference between renting and pirating that truly beneficial to the developers.

SuicideShaun2878d ago

I wish I could rent. But blockbuster and all other movie places are out of business here now.

Tzuno2878d ago

I agree that when you play multiplayer games you should play with originals but for others games depends on the money people they have because there are countries that people work for 10 euro per day and the games on the shelf cost 60 euro. Do the math and you will know why the piratery exist.

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