Game Pro: Gears of War 3 Preview

GP: Our final "Top Game of 2011" is the year's biggest new release. In this exclusive look at Gears of War 3, Lead Designer Cliff Bleszinski discusses the emotional journey of bringing his epic science-fiction saga to an end.

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Schism203733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Gears and Halo are pretty much the reason why I even have a 360.

On another note I am very excited for Gears 3 its looking to b the best yet if they can just get the multi-player to run right.

Toman853733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Hope they will fix the online for this one. Because my experience with Gears 2 online was worst in my life. Lost my weapons right in the spawn, lagging, too many glitches, slower shotgun and so on

That's why I still playing Gears Of War 1 online, because im not hampered by problems there!!

The real killer3733d ago

You still play Gears 1, damn do you have no other games?

Sorry for that, it's just not right for me, play old game online :)

Toman853733d ago

The only game I must play on my 360 online, but as of now I can get tired of Gears 1. Halo Reach online was ok at first.

Schism203733d ago

One of the biggest problems on Gears 2 was the stand-bying. People who were host could freeze everybody and run to the other spawn and kill everybody it was so annoying, and Epic just couldn't seem to fix it. Hopefully there will b no cheating in Gears 3 or lag.

guigsy3733d ago

They are using dedicated servers as opposed to P2P in Gears 3, so multiplayer should be fine.

Kon3733d ago

Not my favorite genre, but i might pick this up to see what is all this hype about

vishant1013733d ago

do it man this game was my first on 360 and ive been all over it ever since


I used to think you were a spazz cliffy, but u proved me wrong. Predator and the thing were awesome movies and I think that's why gears seems to work... A bunch of buff oafs blasting the shit outta for me..and now you put chicks in; sweet! I also liked how you incorporated your fathers passing into your game, I would've done the same thing. Keep up the good work gears is the only reason Istill got that piece of shit Xbox, well forza is good too. But seriously port over the trilogy to ps3..I'll buy... I wanna get rid of my 360.

coolcal3733d ago

xbox 360 rocks!!!! Microsoft has done a great job. in just under 10 years, they have help move the gaming industry forward. The have given Sonny great competition, and in many people eyes have caused sony to wake the hell up!! Sony did not believe in online gaming 9 years ago, and this is why there behind with there online situation. Microsofts Xbox live has absolutly pushed online gaming to the next level!! Halo 2 was the start of the major crossover. rather your a sony fan boy or xbox lover, the truth is this...Xbox has made gaming better for all of us who love videogames!!! I own both systems and perfer my xbox for online entertainment, and my ps3 for BLU RAY movies and there game exslusives games like" GOW3 and UNCHARTED( 2 of the best looking games ive seen this generation)Killzone Looks good also but realy plays like crap(imo).Sometimes its not about pretty graphics, but good game play. This really applys to xbox more than ps3. sony has Blu Ray, and microsoft has Xbox live, but they both have great games!! People that have only PS3 envy Gears of war series and Mass effect, and people that have 360's envy ps3 for titles such as God of war 3 and metal gear, and uncharted, I know i do. I just hate when i see gamers bash microsofts Xbox 360 when truthfully they have only helped the gaming industry. Cant wait for the next systems, not because of the games,but to see how each company will play to the evolution of Digital storage, media,and internet entertainment. I dont see microsoft going with Blu ray. I personaly think Disk of any kind is on its way out. Flash memory and digital distrabution is the future!!!