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Bright Hub "A preview covering many of the gameplay basics and features for CD Projekt Red's realtime, action-RPG, The WItcher 2: Assassins of Kings."

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DEADEND3734d ago

I'm really hopping that this come out on consoles, I need this in my PS3.

Pandamobile3734d ago

Have fun waiting til 2012 at the earliest.

DEADEND3734d ago

Come on man we should be able to play it too.

Pandamobile3734d ago

Then don't wait for the dumbed down console version and buy the PC version when it comes out in May.

Problem solved.

Baka-akaB3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Seriously you wait and hope , or get the game where it's actually sure to be released .

i remember guys bragging about getting the first one on console . Not only would it have been way later , and they looked stupid anyway with a cancelled version .

Kon3734d ago

Why do you want to play a downgraded version?

DEADEND3734d ago

The reason why I want it on consoles is because I don't have the money for nice PC. If I had the money I would by one in a heart beat just for this game and Crysis 2 but I just can't.

Ultra Gamer3734d ago

save up money. I just built my first Pc about a month ago for about $550. not exactly cheap but not as much as buying one pre assembled.

stuntman_mike3734d ago

I'm with ultra gamer I built my first ever pc a few months back as well, it wasn't that cheap but it was the best thing I've ever done. and it will last for the next few years but is also upgradable if needs be. I say to anyone thinking of buying a pre-made pc just build your own you can get all the parts you want to your spec and get a beast of a PC. Its a bit daunting but worth it.

DEADEND3734d ago

What part about I don't have money for a rig don't you guys get lol. I'm spending almost $2500 this year on games alone, $4000 on a 3D setup up grade for my living room and I have to find money for a honeymoon for my wife and I. So you guy are saying I need to buy a gaming rig when I can simply just get it for my PS3 which as gamer I deserve to play on. Everyone should get a chance to play it just like Crysis 2, Portal 2 and Bioshock Infinite.

Baka-akaB3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Seriously stop now , this is getting ridiculous .

It's not a democracy and you dont "deserve" anything here .
Cd projekt is a small dev , wich just happened , on it's own , after much sweat , love and pain to make an excellent game from an outdated and somewhat buggy Aurora Engine .

it ended up being a big success sure , but in great part because of the work and commitment they've shown to their pc fanbase by upgrading and enhancing tireless a game already great on its own .

Of course they are going to focus on making the best sequel they can on PC ... and of course console will be an after thought there , if a thought at all .
They even tried letting another studio porting the first game on consoles , wich ended badly .

Finally from what you are saying about your expenses , you've got more than enough to build a cheap pc and reap the immediate benefits from it , but choose not to , as you've got other priorities , that's all .

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DEADEND3734d ago

@ bak a-akab

You need to calm down man I just want to play the damn game on my console that's all. Plus even if it did come out on consoles your not losing anything you still get it on PC.

Baka-akaB3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I'm not angry at you lol .

I just dont follow and agree with your logic at all . And find ludicrous to feel entitled some right to the game regardless of the platform . If you dont want a pc and the game , it's just your loss .

If it was coming on consoles i'd maybe get it too , but it's not even announced ... wich delays it at least 1-2 years later (at best) .

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N4GAddict3734d ago

Looks better than the first

Vesemir3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I love this game. My PC will definitively get a new video card in May just for this one.
I can't wait to get my hands on this masterpiece.

Kon3734d ago

This and Dragon age 2. Must buy

Vesemir3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I couldn't care less for Dragon Age 2.

Xfanboy: Why buy it from Steam ??

Get The Witcher 2 from, the only version DRM free. Also is the sister company from CDProjekt, the developers from The Witcher, give your support to them, in thanks for this great game !

Also, as soon as you set the pre order from you gain access to a 100mb file "TW2 pre order bonus pack", entirely for free, with 4 The Witcher 2 official sound tracks, wallpapers, avatars and pics of CD Projekt headquarters !

Biggest3734d ago

Thanks for the heads-up on Gog.

pr0digyZA3733d ago

@ Vesemir

you also get to choose 5 other games (Gothic 2 Gold, Realms of Arkania 1 + 2 (as one bundle), Realms of Arkania 3, Divine Divinity, or Beyond Divinity) to have for free as well.

Only problem I see with GOG is that you don't get this awesome special edition

Xfanboy3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I just pre-ordered on steam $44 is a steal for me for an unreleased AAA game!!

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