Top 10 things we wish to see in Battlefield 3

A list of top 10 features Battlefield 3 should have, according to BF3Blog.

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Agent-863737d ago

Believe it will have it since Win XP and DX9 will not even be supported.

deafwing3737d ago

lol @ writer when you say

" And 64 players is an absolute must. Anything less would greatly disappoint fans of the series "

please speak for yourself ... larger maps and larger battles tend to make things boring or just down right chaotic (Resistance 3 anyone).

I partly disagree with item 5; re-spawn on leader only - that's silly. the fact that you can spawn on anyone alleviates whatever stress the game dishes out on you (and there's that silly time penalty for re-spawns (now that should go away). But I agree with your point, the squads should be bumped up to 1 or 2 more players.

Night combat - great idea!

Gran Touring3737d ago

YOU speak for yourself when you say larger battles make things boring. 64 player matches is what made the battlefield series what it is and distinguishes it from other large-scale shooters. Frontlines, MAG and other shooters may have failed at creating large battlefields, but DICE knows damn well what they're doing, because they've already done it, and better than anyone else at that.

BTW Resistance 3 isn't out yet so I don't know how you can use it for comparison...

deafwing3737d ago

meant to say r2 ... so many damn fps these days it's getting stupid ... and honestly does it really matter? there's bound to be an fps out there for us all ... it seems like it's the only games western developers cash in on these days

TheGameFoxJTV3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

BF2 anyone? This kid obviously hasn't done his research. BF2 to me, is still the best modern day shooter on any platform.

GLoRyKnoT3737d ago

I want all da [email protected] ! one of each plz :)

InvaderZim3737d ago

I wouldn't mind more game modes. Rush and Conquest get old after awhile. Squad Deathmatch should definitely stay. Same goes for Onslaught mode. Although the latter should be improved significantly. Those are really my only complaints... Oh and improve the classes. Now I'm done :) PS: Anyone wanna face me in BFBC2?

AccountClosed570293737d ago

Alright, but I play for dogtags, you can add me on PSN.

InvaderZim3737d ago

I'll send you a friend request. :)

TardcoreGamer3737d ago

Def hope a possible veteran mode with team damage is in the game. Battlefield is a thinking mans FPS and there needs to be consequences for idiot run and gun players. Also 64 player matches would delight the hell out of me. would say 128 or 256 but I don't want to get too ahead of myself.

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