Gamers vs journalism

X-Zine Says: "I'm tired of walking to navigate the most (most prestigious) sites, and whenever I find a review, broadly speaking, 80% of unnecessary information and baseless analogies and texts full of grammatical elitism. It is very funny look at an "analysis" of a game like Call of Duty: Black Ops where the main theme is "Campaign Mode" and the rest is sold as sausages for free, tied to beer cans. It's so hard to realize that anyone who buys a game like COD or only, exclusively playing ONLINE!"

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omgwtfbbw3742d ago

couldn't agree more....

Devil_Kratos3742d ago

Jornalists / Games .. it doesn't fit. lol


Who cares.. Journalist is just some1 like u and me so our opinion is as valid as there.

Psipunisher3741d ago

i think is differente ´cause gamers play for fun......journalist receive money for sometimes say whatever shit about a game.....even sometimes with a 10 mins of

DA_SHREDDER3741d ago

Thats true too. Thing is though these journalist have the power to shape gaming development. If game reviews score low, game devs look at these pathetic gaming sites to get feedback on what to change, what works, what doesn't, even though most journalist speak only for the vocal minority of people in gaming.

For example. Ive been playing rpg's since the NES. My favorite games in the world are Dragon Warrior 4, Skies of Arcadia, FFX, Xenogears, and many other turn based rpg's. Everything was fine. Action rpg's and turn based rpg's lived in Harmony all the way till this gen. Now most journalist are determined on destroying my favorite genre. They say jrpg's lack the innovation, and the combat is stale. I say to hell with these assholes. They dont even game for fun anymore. They just get paid to give their feelings towards games. Most of these journalist are some of the most boring pieces of shit I've ever seen.

xino3741d ago

journalist is a trash person who makes top 10 trash articles and breast list!

gamers are gamers!

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

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