Dead Space 2 Trophy/Achievement List (Complete W/ Hidden Trophies)

With Dead Space 2 releasing next week, many gamers are wondering just what tasks are required in mastering the Sprawl.

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admiralvic3734d ago

Sounds like a fun platinum.

M-Easy3733d ago

You know nothing. You have to beat the game on Hardcore mode which is stronger/faster enemies, less heath, & less ammo. oh yeah and you get 3 saves throughout the entire 10 hour game. Its gonna be a brutal platinum. 1 death could put you back 3 hours.

admiralvic3733d ago

I plated Lost Planet 2... So yeah I know nothing of Bullshit -rolls eyes-

M-Easy3733d ago

Lol dude I don't think want to compare trophies with me. i don't wanna hurt your feelings.

Schism203734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

This game looks sexy

MightyMark4273734d ago

can't wait for this game... 3 more days..

kostionalist3734d ago

The page is not loading :(

Hoje03083734d ago

Google it. Plenty of other results, though most don't have the hidden trophies.

LoneWanderer093734d ago

I got the Platinum for the first game this should be easy

wicko3734d ago

You haven't seen the Hard Core mode description then.. From IGN review:

If you're truly devoted like myself, there's even a mode known as "Hardcore," and it's nothing less than sadistic. The enemies are at their toughest, the supplies are limited, there are no checkpoints, and if you die, you restart from your last save. Oh, and you can only save three times in the entire game.

Sounds like an exercise in frustration rather than a fun challenge.

TheGreatIndonesia3734d ago

what the !#@%$^@@!#%@!!

that limited save is fIIcking stupid.....


wicko3733d ago

No kidding, could you imagine dying and having to replay a few hours of the game because of a shitty quicktime event or something.. I don't think I'll bother with the platinum for this one.

Achemki3733d ago


Or a power outage? Or a game freeze?

Seriously, stupid trophy. All it needs now is a locked save file so if you get YLOD on the last level on your last save, you have no backup and have to do it all again. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.