The Streaming Experience: Comparing Netflix on Consoles

"Netflix was reserved for accessible DVD or Blu-Ray players, but over the last year or so, game systems have become providers of the service. It started with the Xbox 360, and soon after, it became available for PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and the Apple iPad. But which one is the best to use?"

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Raoh3737d ago

its 2011 and this fool talking about discs?

no mention of no extra fees on ps3 but its only available to paying xbox live gold members?

5.1 surround sound and 1080p on ps3?

failed article.

KotC3737d ago

nice try but full of fail

RememberThe3573737d ago

Yeah, they tried. I thought I read somewhere that the 360 version of Netflix was going to get updated this year but as is the PS3 version is better. We use both in my house the PS3 version just runs better.

crxss3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

i own both 360 and PS3 and i can say without a doubt that PS3's is FAR superior. 360's load times are long as h3ll and you can't even do anything while it loads. you can't change episodes or change shows (in case you picked the wrong episode) during it's LONG load times. also you have to watch through the entire credits of a show if you want Netflix 360 to remember to play the next one, otherwise it'll just resume the credits rolling and you'll have to wait through another load phase.

PS3's is probably the best though the layout could be a little better. (i don't have a Wii anymore or an iPad. PC's isn't quite as good as PS3's but it's better than 360's for sure).

Grown Folks Talk3737d ago

Long load times? It's no different than watching on the PC. If it takes that long, you have slow internet speed.

feelintheflow3737d ago

I think both are fine, but for whatever reason my ps3 loads slower, it does this for downloading updates and games as well. I heard that the regional server that I get my ps3 stuff from might just be overloaded or slower when I sent an email to sony about it.

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StoneyYoshi3737d ago

deffinitely Raoh! well said. bubbles.

Octo13737d ago

I'm in Canada so PS3 users here never had to deal with a Netflix disc to start with.Also I don't have to worry about losing the privilege to have Netflix just because my Live account get canceled.

thebudgetgamer3737d ago

i like the interface on the 360 a little more since the recent update on the ps3. the only problem is if you let your xbl sub lapse you're sol. always good too have a backup as netflix and the browser on the ps3 have taken over for cable.

supaflypriest3737d ago

iPad can't be the best experience due to my 360 and PS3 are both hooked up to my bigscreen tv...

Pixel_Enemy3737d ago

iPad is JUST like the web browser version on PC. It's ok

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