PSP2 Is Going To Blow Your Mind, If It Has Games...

Paul Ireson writes:
With PSP2 expected to be announced soon it seems like a good time to analyze what some of the possible characteristics of this anticipated hand-held might be. Some controversy has arisen between distinguishing whether it's going to be part of the PSP phone that's been making headlines lately or there will be a separate entity altogether. It appears that they're not going to be the same and the PSP two will be something far greater than just a phone. Here's what we have so far to digest.

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Hitman07693737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

We are all waiting for the outcome of this one hang on its going to be a crazy ride!!

@below no just the truth.... if the games aren't finished on time it will be another issue like PS3 or PSP where ppl bash it...

smoothdude3737d ago

I believe with all the power this thing alleges, that the battery life isn't going to be very good. A cell processor in the PSP2 with 6 cores? That take lots of energy, how is Sony going to power the thing?

blitz06233737d ago

If they made a small thing like that almost as powerful as the PS3, it wouldn't be rocket science for them to make a corresponding battery that can support it for a number hours

The real killer3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Sony also have Chemicals division and that company makes batteries ;)

ABizzel13737d ago

I'm really look forward to the PSP2.

One feature I would be happy with is if I could copy all my PSN game over to the PSP 2 and play them on the go.

mightyboot3737d ago

"PSP2 Is Going To Blow Your Mind, If It Has Games..."

Is that supossed to be funny...

jaredhart3737d ago

'Course it's going to have games. lol

supremacy3737d ago

Thats what i said when i first read that headline.

The psp is going to become like the ps2 and get less and less support until it is eventually discontinue, and the psp2 will become like the ps3 with a large host of exclusives.

At least thats my prediction here.

NYC_Gamer3737d ago

i hope it cost around 250 with real 3rd party support

nix3737d ago

well... i'd be happy with 200 dollars n well... a feature to call.

dragonyght3737d ago

im pretty sure it wil come with skipe

Megaton3737d ago

Really? Do we really have our first "PSP2 has no games" article? The thing isn't even official yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.