GameSpot: Homefront Updated Multiplayer Hands-On

During the past few years, first-person shooters have begun to borrow more and more heavily from role-playing games. Rarely do rounds of team deathmatch go by without players earning experience points, unlocking new gun attachments, or earning some sort of new way to further buff up their already-tough soldiers. With Homefront, developer Kaos Studios is aiming for a new approach to this trend of persistent unlockables by adding short-term consequences to your long-term upgrades.

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256bit3739d ago

....looks like MAG. doesnt look like BF or COD. it looks just like MAG and it play like MAG. but just with less peeps.

MidnytRain3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

It seems more acadey than MAG. Theres no caste-like rank system or divided groups, meaning abilities aren't exclusive to a select few players. High octane, adrenaline inducing, etc. Plus, there's a story mode in it. Saying it plays like MAG is kind of weird, since no one outside the studio has actually played it.

ugabugaz3739d ago

Not interested in this game. It looks like a mix of COD and BF, and that's not really a good thing.

Really looking forward to BC3 and or BF3