TGV: Hey, Make a New Syndicate Game

Reactivations, reboots and resurrections are currently in vogue, with the likes of Castlevania, Alien vs. Predator, Donkey Kong Country, Splatterhouse and Medal of Honor all coming back from the dead in 2010. And 2011 promises us returns to the worlds of XCOM, Marvel vs. Capcom, Diablo, Duke Nukem and Kid Icarus, among others.

In a new regular feature, The Gaming Vault’s writers pick out the franchises and series that they’d like to see brought back for another installment.

This week, Chris Phillips wants to see a new Syndicate game!

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Herminator3737d ago

I never played Syndicate, but given that so many has cited it as an inspiration, I definitely need to get my hands on it at some point.

Sidology3737d ago

The name "Syndicate" is pretty lost on me, but this got me pretty interested in the whole idea, and I've seen it as an inspiration to a lot of people.

A game like this would probably be really gritty, but judging by Starbreeze's past development projects (like the Riddick games), they're perfect for handling that kind of thing.

Look forward to a formal announcement.

sakuratsuji3737d ago

Holy crap. Never heard of these games before but that really would be awesome. I'd definitely play it.

Here's hoping it's announced soon! :)

borisfett3737d ago

You people never heard of / played Syndicate?

Deprived, you lot are. This franchise was a classic.

Disccordia3736d ago

Both games were superb, but I think the problem with this franchise is that nobody knows who owns the IP. My guess would be with the publisher (EA) but Molyneux has said he'd like to revisit it at some point so maybe Lionhead kept it from the bullfrog days? But then you'd expect Microsoft to own the IPs after they purchased Lionhead.. so, who knows?

distorted_reality3736d ago

I remember rocking out the original on my Amiga - was a brilliant game, well ahead of its time imo.

DelbertGrady3736d ago

Played it to death during the Amiga days(golden era). One of Molyneux and Bullfrogs milestones in gaming. Not sure if Lionhead could do it justice though. But would like to see them try :)

borisfett3737d ago

Also, Dungeon Keeper. *There* is a game that deserves a remake.

kramun3736d ago

Bullfrog were responsible for a load of great games, which is why I think Peter Molyneux deserves recognition. He's done more than a lot of people who only started gaming in the last couple of generations think he has done.

Disccordia3736d ago

Dungeon Keeper is being remade and is in fact out in a couple of months. Check it out, it's called 'Dungeons'.

Negadeth3736d ago

It's not really a remake though, just some other dev team making a very similar game with a similar name.

Dungeons looks ok, but a proper Dungeon Keeper game it is not.

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