IGN: Game Scoop! Podcast: Dead Space 2 Review

On tap this week:

Greg, Hilary, and Daemon can finally tell you what makes Dead Space 2 so amazing.

IGN now knows the release date and price for the 3DS, but they're still waiting for those launch games...

Last week they talked about a possible Final Fantasy XIII 2. Turns out it's real!

What is Gears of War: Exile?

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Omar913738d ago

im bored... dont have any games to play at the moment... Im excited for this game.... might as well listen to the podcast

Enate3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

I agree with the one guy should have been co-op multiplayer it could have been amazing. The only reason I bought the CE for this game is because I played through the first one 9 times.