What You Didn’t Notice in Black Ops Writes:

Call of Duty: Black Ops didn’t bring anything new to the genre. To be completely honest, it may just have been a step back, but they took one step forward in the Call of Duty Franchise that all players have seen but never truly “noticed”.

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Istanbull3737d ago

cool story bro, but I really don't care.

MiloGarret3737d ago

Gods of the cell, you get the prize for dumbest comment of the day.


STICKzophrenic3737d ago

Hmm I thought the article was going to say 'fun' because the campaign really wasn't fun at all.

unkn0wn3737d ago

alright! gettin trolled by pseudo flame-bait articles..

DarthRevan3737d ago


Pointing out that its the first enemy girl on COD is flame-bait?

unkn0wn3736d ago

do you know what pseudo means? retard.

sp1deynut3737d ago Combat Training. It allows me to play MP, without dealing with cheaters and idiots. I loved Perfect Dark on N64 and Red Faction on PS2 because they had MP bots... it was a welcome surprise in Black Ops.

unkn0wn3737d ago

+bubbles for you sp1deynut, looks like you need some. also, the first killzone on ps2 had a sort of MP bot mode as well.

TooTall193736d ago

So does the 2nd killzone and the 3rd.

Elven63737d ago

On the 360 where there actually could be a legitimate need for bots for Silver members you need Xbox Live Gol to access the dang menu! If you're playing on the PS3, PC, etc multiplayer would be free for everyone anyway which really negates the purpose of having bots, especially given how strong the online community is anyway.

peowpeow3736d ago

People without an internet connection to begin with I presume

Snack_Raccoon3736d ago


The trouble is though, you have to be connected to the internet to play with the bots.

Elven63736d ago

@peowpeow: You still need an internet connection which pretty much negates the purpose of bots for 99% of the target audience.

ShiftyTheSniper3736d ago

Actually you can play vs bots in local splitscreen. Just go to Edit Game Options and Add Enemies. They added bots to local spl scr with a patch update. You can now play with 3 other friends 2 on 2 and have bots fill out the rest of the squads. It only works for TDM and FFA like in Combat Training, but unlike CT, it only does up to 5 vs 5 max for some reason. No leveling up though like CT or online, everything's unlocked and Pro. It's too bad they didn't make it like MW2 with the loadable offline profile saves and leveling up.

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anasurimbor3737d ago

I wonder how many people noticed that the game sucked.

Baka-akaB3737d ago

The remaining 200 millions gamers (at least with pc included and handheld excluded) that didnt buy the game .

Funny thing is , despite what the press and some players make it looks like , they easily overwhelm the cod owners , even if their numbers is divided in a sea of games

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